Grow­ing Be­yond Your Salary (4)

By David Adeoye

The Guardian (Nigeria) - - IBRU CENTRE -

YOU must know that grow­ing be­yond your salary is a jour­ney, and it’s not a smooth one. You must be able to give it what­ever it will take. Ev­ery jour­ney to Great­ness comes with some chal­lenges. You need to brace your­self to con­front and con­quer those chal­lenges.

Stop ex­pect­ing that the jour­ney from Pay­check to Port­fo­lio will be smooth. Smooth jour­ney heads nowhere. Roads that are void of ob­sta­cles only ex­ist in the mind of a medi­ocre. It wasn’t easy for Ja­cob to move from stew­ard­ship to own­er­ship un­der La­ban. Ja­cob worked harder and smarter to grow be­yond his wages. There’s no Crown with­out a cross, and there’s no Gain with­out pain. It doesn’t come by mere wish­ing or just con­fes­sion of Faith. You must be will­ing to work and “war” it out.

If your mind is not fully made-up to work and “war” at the same time, don’t em­bark on the jour­ney. This is be­cause you might get trapped in the mid­dle of nowhere in your jour­ney from Pay­check to Port­fo­lio. It is of great ben­e­fit to be bold and strong.

You need to have what I call “Dar­ing spirit.” Dar­ing is the price of progress.

You have to be able to boldly say to your­self, “I will not take “No’ for an an­swer. If the devil shows up, you must be ready to tell him-“if any­body is given up in this mat­ter it can’t be me, but you.” This is one of the ma­jor dif­fer­ences be­tween the Vic­tors and the vic­tims in the Mar­ket­place.

“For a great and ef­fec­tive door has opened to me, and there are many ad­ver­saries.” I Corinthi­ans 16:9 NKJV

You must fo­cus more on the “Open­doors” than the ad­ver­saries. Stay­ing pos­i­tive in busi­ness is a must. The ad­ver­saries are there to keep you on your toes. Don’t be of­fended by them. Let them do what they know best to do. They’re there to help you achieve your Set goals. You need bat­tles to be­come a Vic­tor. With­out Go­liath, we can­not have King David. Be ready to con­front your own “Go­liath” too. Stop run­ning for your Throne, think­ing you’re run­ning from Go­liath. Bury your­self into the Word and Prayers, so that you may be able to stand the evil days as you grow be­yond your salary. Be­gin and end the day. Turn your thoughts to God, wher­ever you are, what­ever you’re do­ing. You need to be upto-date with God and what is hap­pen­ing in your field. Ig­no­rance is not a con­crete ex­cuse in the face of war­fare. Roy­alty Chris­tian Cen­tre; Wis­dom Arena, 1, Wil­liams Es­tate, Op­po­site Vet­land Gram­mar School, Agege, La­gos. 07082083554. Email: info@davi­ ... to be con­tin­ued.


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