Ev­i­dence Of Wrong Re­la­tion­ship (1)

The Guardian (Nigeria) - - IBRU CENTRE - By Solomon Oji­giri


DE­CI­SION they say de­ter­mines des­tiny. Noth­ing can be truer than this state­ment. Choos­ing the right part­ner or a wrong one de­ter­mines what be­comes of you, your fu­ture and your des­tiny. Your des­tiny is shaped by your de­ci­sions; your de­ci­sion will ei­ther make or mar your life. The choice of who to marry is such a crit­i­cal one for a sin­gle man and lady. Des­tiny is the to­tal sum of what you choose or refuse. Suc­cess, be it mar­i­tal, ca­reer or fi­nan­cial is largely de­ter­mined by your de­ci­sion. You make a de­ci­sion, and your de­ci­sion even­tu­ally make you. Re­la­tion­ship is not by force, it is by choice. If you re­ally want to have a bliss­ful mar­riage and a suc­cess­ful home, then you need to pay a close at­ten­tion to what God has in store for you in this se­ries. Many around the world to­day are go­ing through hell on earth be­cause of the kind of mar­riage they find them­selves. Many to­day wish they were never mar­ried. Many wished they had lis­tened to the right coun­sel. Many wished they are not mar­ried to the per­son they got mar­ried to. Hell On Earth

A young man went to a man of God for coun­sel­ing. He told the pas­tor that he wanted to di­vorce his wife, and the pas­tor told him if he did that, he would spend his eter­nity in hell. The young man said he was no longer afraid of hell, be­cause ac­cord­ing to him, he has been in hell for years. That is to say his home has been like hell on earth. While a bliss­ful mar­riage is like heaven on earth, on the other hand, a trou­bled home is like hell on earth. God has not de­signed any­one to have prob­lem in their mar­riages. The Bi­ble makes us un­der­stand that God has a good plan for us— a plan of peace not of calamity and to give us our ex­pected end {Jer. 29v11} What do you ex­pect in your home? How do you want your home to be? An­other heaven on earth or hell fire? It is in your hands, the choice is yours. You are the ar­chi­tect of your mar­i­tal des­tiny.

Your Des­tiny Is In Your Hands

Many years ago, Evan­ge­list Rein­hard Bonnke told us the story of an old man who has never made a mis­take in his en­tire life. He was get­ting ready to go to his grave with that clean record, when a young man de­cided to de­stroy his un­beat­able record. The young man pur­posed that he was go­ing to en­sure that this old man make at least one mis­take in his life­time. The young man then took a liv­ing but­ter­fly and hid it in his fist and pro­ceeded to the old man. On get­ting there, he asked the old man to tell him what he had in his hand. The old man replied that it was a but­ter­fly, the young man was amazed, but fi­nally and more im­por­tantly, he asked the old man to tell him whether the but­ter­fly was dead or alive. His aim was that if the old man says the but­ter­fly was alive, he would squeeze it to death, but if the man said the but­ter­fly was dead, then he will spare it alive. Which­ever way, he was de­ter­mined that the old man must make a mis­take at least for the very first time. The old man in great amaze­ment about this rid­dle by a small boy walked up and down, and ev­ery­body was ex­pect­ing a quick an­swer. But the old man was not in haste. He fi­nally opened his mouth and said: “it is in your hands, if you like you can squeeze it to death and if you like you can keep it alive.” The boy was flab­ber­gasted at the dis­play of the old man’s wis­dom. That is ex­actly how your des­tiny is; it is in your hands. Your legs go the way you want it to go. If you do not like what is hap­pen­ing in your life, you have all it takes to change them. We must not for­get the adage that says, “As we lay our bed so we must lie on it”. You are the one that de­ter­mines the kind of home you will have. You can de­cide to have a bliss­ful mar­riage and you can also de­cide to do oth­er­wise. Ex­cerpt from my book “EV­I­DENCE OF WRONG RE­LA­TION­SHIP.” Con­tact: Ever­win­ning Faith Min­istries Int’l 31, Oritse Street, off Awolowo way, Ba­lo­gun Bus Stop, Ikeja, La­gos. 08023997277, 08059203554


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