Know­ing The Time Of Your Visi­ta­tion (1)

The Guardian (Nigeria) - - IBRU CENTRE - By Austen C. Ukachi Con­tact: pas­

IN Luke 19:40-44, Je­sus wept over Jerusalem and re­buked the Jews for not know­ing the day of their visi­ta­tion. Be­cause the

Jews were undis­cern­ing, they had eyes but could not see; ears, but did not hear; hearts, but did not un­der­stand; they failed to recog­nise and em­brace the Mes­siah when he vis­ited. The con­se­quence of their lack of dis­cern­ment was that Ti­tus, the Ro­man gen­eral in A.D 70, even­tu­ally de­stroyed Jerusalem. With the ben­e­fit of hind­sight, we may be quick to crit­i­cise the Jews for their short­sight­ed­ness and in­dif­fer­ence to the Lord Je­sus. But is it not true that our gen­er­a­tion also make the same mis­take of fail­ing to dis­cern the day of our visi­ta­tion?

The dis­trac­tions this present gen­er­a­tion faces, in my view, are far more se­ri­ous than what the Jews faced in their time. Ma­te­ri­al­ism, the de­ceit­ful­ness of sin and the al­lure­ment of this age have blurred and made this gen­er­a­tion so hardened and in­sen­si­tive to the prompt­ing of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord un­veil our eyes to see, touch our hearts to un­der­stand and quicken our ears to hear so that we don’t miss out on his Sec­ond com­ing.

Af­ter a long pe­riod of cap­tiv­ity, as the Lord was about to in­sti­tute the Passover meal, he fore­warned the chil­dren of Is­rael on the need for readi­ness. They were to gird up their loins, put on their san­dals on their feet, have their staff in their hands and to eat the meal in a haste, for “it is the LORD’S Passover.” What do prepa­ra­tion and readi­ness have to do with the eat­ing of a meal? Prepa­ra­tion and readi­ness were im­per­a­tive be­cause the LORD’S Passover was a spe­cial event when God was set to do a new thing and when he was about to pass through the land. A pos­ture of alert­ness was, there­fore, meant to make them sen­si­tive to the LORD’S pres­ence.

In the New Tes­ta­ment, we see a sim­i­lar prepa­ra­tion en­joined by the Lord Je­sus Christ. In Luke 12:35-48, in the Para­ble of the Faith­ful Ser­vant, the Lord en­joined us to pre­pare and be ready for His re­turn. This time we are en­cour­aged to gird our loins, keep our lamps burn­ing, and to be ready like men who wait for their mas­ter. There is a spe­cial way of wait­ing for one’s mas­ter. To wait sim­ply means to have an ex­pec­ta­tion, and to be watch­ful. If those who are ex­pect­ing the re­turn of their earthly mas­ter are al­ways vig­i­lant and ready, much more should those of us who are wait­ing for the heav­enly King be more ready and pre­pared.

The great­est hand­i­cap this gen­er­a­tion faces to­wards readi­ness for the Lord’s vis­i­ta­tions is dis­trac­tion. This age may well be called the Age of Dis­trac­tions. We are con­stantly be­ing dis­tracted by the so­cial me­dia and trapped by other mod­ern con­ve­niences of tech­nol­ogy. To be close to our God, we must de­lib­er­ately ex­tri­cate our­selves from all the so­cial trap­pings of our en­vi­ron­ment and de­lib­er­ately cre­ate space for God in our lives.

Spir­i­tual alert­ness and sen­si­tiv­ity are nec­es­sary for our time if we must take ad­van­tage of the com­ing re­vival, which God is about to un­leash on the Church. To be spir­i­tu­ally alert, we must be men of the Word and men of prayer. We must con­stantly study the Bible to know the times and sea­son God has or­dained to visit his peo­ple. We must be men of prayer so as to feel the pulse of the Holy Spirit to know what He is say­ing and what He is about to do. Con­tact:pas­


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