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ARC- P Will Protect Over 9 Million Unprotecte­d Children — Uwais


T HESpecial Adviser to the President on Social Investment­s, Mrs Maryam Uwais, said the At- Risk Children Project ( ARC- P) will offer protection to over nine million unprotecte­d children, who deal daily with violence, abuse, neglect, exploitati­on and exclusion in the country.

Uwais, disclosed this recently, while unveiling the programme — a strategic national response to address the problem of vulnerable children coordinate­d by her office to the Organised Private Sector ( OPS) in Lagos.

She explained that the ARCP’s vision is to comprehens­ively address cross- cutting concerns of at- risk children and provide them with a life of dignity. “In the family and communitie­s, children should be fully protected so they can survive, grow, learn and develop to their fullest potential.

“The project’s mission is to facilitate programmes that will ensure the integratio­n of at- risk children and young adults by creating opportunit­ies for skills and empowermen­t to reduce their vulnerabil­ities.”

She further disclosed that ARC- P would nurture children with dignity and respect, raise equality citizens and bridge the poverty gap.

“A key objective of the programme will provide protection and hope to youth and children who are vulnerable, for a productive life through learning, combined with improved health outcomes, values and skills. It will also provide meaningful, impactful and pragmatic quality programmes that empower the children to become productive to themselves, their families, communitie­s and society,” Uwais said.

The programme, she further disclosed, would “leverage on successful tried and tested intensive learning initiative­s, which will expand, deepen and broaden the scope of other programmes on the ground.

“In addition to the existing learning options, literacy and numeracy, introducin­g civics, critical thinking, life skills, entreprene­urship, sports, creativity, technology, farming and vocations, community police training. Address mental and physical health concerns, assess and address vision, hearing and special needs, boost nutrition through a feeding programme.”

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