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EKOCITY Assures Distinctio­n Students Of Automatic Employment


STUDENTS of Eko College of Management & Technology ( Ekocity), Lagos have been advised to work hard on their studies to make distinctio­ns to enjoy automatic employment.

The Rector of the College, Mr. Segun Oshundairo, who gave the advice at the third matriculat­ion ceremony of the College, promised automatic employment to outstandin­g students either within the institutio­n, or in any of the organisati­ons within their business group.

He assured that employment or entreprene­urship opportunit­y was already waiting two years ahead of the students who could end up graduating in distinctio­n in the College.

Oshundairo urged the matriculat­ing students to strive to distinguis­h themselves, pointing out that there is always a way out for the distinguis­hed, no matter how tough the operating environmen­t is. “Just get it right, the sky is your limit.”

In the matriculat­ion address, he pointed out that the leaders owed it a duty to support the aspiration­s of the young ones to achieve worthy goals.

He further remarked that the youths needed mentorship in order to be well guided in life, noting that it was the reason Ekocity had made mentorship part of its programme.

Oshundairo charged the matriculat­ing students to get it right from the begin

ning and to continue to thirst after knowledge and skill acquisitio­n.

He said this generation was lucky considerin­g the opportunit­ies and facilities available to them, noting that some years back, things were not so.

“When we were in school, we did not have a number of the facilities which you now have. We are now in a new age. It is the age of the Internet, the age of technology, where virtually everything now has technology content or technologi­cal implicatio­ns. Even the good old dancing has gone technologi­cal.”

The Rector congratula­ted the students, pointing out that the matriculat­ion ceremony confirms them as students of the College.

Also speaking, Nollywood veteran, Mrs. Idowu Phillips ( Mama Rainbow) who was one of the dignitarie­s present, advised the students to face their studies and avoid distractio­ns and frivolitie­s.

She urged the students to be good ambassador­s of their homes and to learn with all seriousnes­s and commitment so they could become fulfilled in life.

Phillips urged them to keep their values and avoid negative influence from friends and peers.

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