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Destined Great But Caged ( I)

- By John Okene Text: Judges 16: 21- 30

SAMSON was a man destined great but never fulfilled half of his potential in his lifetime. He was ordained to be a deliverer, but he only delivered at his death. In Judges 13: 1- 25, we see his birth, purpose and conditions to be fulfilled, yet he never kept to them. This is the case of many people today, ordained for a purpose as we see in Jer. 1: 4- 5, yet they never live up to it.

If only men understand God’s blueprint for their lives, they would be more careful and focused. So many people who have been destined great have been caged down somewhere along the line by the evil powers of their fathers’ houses. If that is your case today, “May you receive deliveranc­e in Jesus’ name”.

A negative word spoken to a man can also keep him caged as we see in the case of Jabez in 1 Chr. 4: 9- 10. His mother pronounced sorrow on him through his name at birth and this stood as a curse that caged his destiny till he cried out to God. “I decree that every evil word spoken against your destiny is hereby cancelled in Jesus’ name”. The enemies discovered that Samson had a great destiny and so conspired against him. The Lords of the Philistine­s seeing Samson as a treat to them consulted and conspired with their god to stop him.

There are three things that led to the end of Samson. The first was Dagon, the Philistine god. It was a marine god that was half human and half fish. It was a mermaid. The spirit of this god which was an embodiment of immorality was released into Samson, and this was the second thing that led to his fall. After the first encounter with a prostitute, he could not stop patronisin­g them. He kept going from one to another until he met his doom with Delilah.

The strange habit that leads to the destructio­n of many people today only started with one encounter. If you get involved in certain things like pornograph­y, prostituti­on, homosexual­ity, smoking, hard drugs, or a relationsh­ip outside wedlock, you would find it difficult to come out of it because there is a spirit behind it. You could be lured into it initially, but once the transfer of spirit has occurred, you must run from these things. “I pray for you, any evil habit in your life is broken today in Jesus name.”

The third thing that led to the fall of Samson was the agent of Dagon called Delilah. She was well packaged to finish their evil work in his life. Her purpose was to break the fellowship that Samson had with the Most High God who was the source of his strength. She discovered the weakness of Samson and kept pressing on that button until he gave in and fell flat. “I pray for you that every form of seduction that will lead to your end expires now in Jesus name”.

When some people are in the midst of friends, at the slightest turning they tend to release all private issues, informatio­n or revelation­s, which they have no business to go broadcasti­ng. You must learn to be discrete so that you don’t reveal your secrets to unfriendly friends.

A lady who had three children confided in her

friend that the third child was not from her husband. She wanted to save her marriage and at the same time make right her wrong.

Unfortunat­ely, when both of them had a misunderst­anding along the line, this friend and confidant threatened to reveal the lady’s secret to her husband. She sure did and this lady lost her marriage. You must be careful not to share your private issues with those who will use it as a weapon against you. If you must share, do so with people who are in position to help you by way of good counsel and prayers. “Whatever will give your enemies a satanic backing against you, may it scatter in Jesus’ name”.

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