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Gospel Hour Gleanings From The Life Of Samson ( 5)

- By Ejikeme Ejim Text: Judges Chapters 13; 14 & 15

IKey Verse: Judges 15: 10, “And the men of Judah said, “Why have you come up against us? “So they answered, “We have come up to arrest Samson, to do to him as he has done to us.” ( KJV) T was not a good day for the men of Judah because their own brother Samson had burned the fields of the Philistine­s using torches tied to the tails of foxes and then he let them run through their fields, now the Philistine­s were angry! Samson caused a great economic havoc to the fortunes of the Philistine­s and

they went out in anger in search of him. The men of Philistine­s came to the people of Judah and demanded that they give only Samson to them and the rest of them can go ( Judges 15: 10). The Philistine­s ask for Samson, it was their desire to kill him!

All that the 1,000 men of the Philistine­s wanted was one man, his name was Samson and every other man is of no consequenc­e. Can you imagine if the church is being spoken to like that where one pastor or member is being asked for and every other person could go? Is it not a big shame and disgrace to the whole of Judah that the enemy wanted only one man and every other person could go? That was the only man that God Had raised to begin to deliver Israel, to begin the process of deliveranc­e of God’s people and they wanted that man. If God will want any man to begin the process of deliveranc­e and to begin the process of reinviting the presence of God in the church and it has become very clear that this man, woman and group of people are instrument­s in the Hands of God to bring back the Holy Ghost as in the days of our fathers, be sure the agents of darkness will rise up and come after that man and once they get that man, they don’t care for the rest.

Anybody who is praying that God will use him, get ready for battle. When you are praying for revival and praying that you will be an instrument not for pride, not to boast but because you are like Daniel jealous for the name of the Lord God of Host. You are not happy over what is happening to the name of God and to the church. You don’t want a powerless church; you don’t want a lame church; you are praying for a power filled church and it is the power of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Ghost comes upon you, get ready for battle. That was what happened to Stephen when the Holy Ghost came mightily upon him and he preached in the power of the Holy Ghost. They plotted and accused Stephen for stealing and killed him. They killed him but it was an error because after his killing something else happened. The 3000 men of Judah went to the top of the rock e’tam where Samson was and said to him, don’t you know that the Philistine­s will rule over us; what is this you have done? You should have left them to continue ruling over

us; you would have left the devil to continue to have its way and you should have left the demons to continue to control us.

The brethren told Samson, we are here to arrest you so that we can deliver you into the hands of the philistine­s. Samson’s brethren arrested him and delivered him to their enemy. Are we seeing such things in the church? I tell you, Yes we are.

Today’s Nugget: Be that one man God will use

Prayer: Lord, set me apart and use me

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Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim, General Superinten­dent, Assemblies of God Nigeria.

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