The Guardian (Nigeria)

Experts seek policy boost to bridge Nigeria’s housing deficit

- By Kehinde Olatunji

EXPERTS in the real estate sector have urged the government to introduce policies that would attract investors and mitigate challenges in the industry.

During an event at the weekend, they stressed the need for partnershi­p with the government to bridge housing deficit in the country.

Chief Executive Officer of Convvy Estates, Samuel Oni, disclosed plans strategica­lly tailored to bridge the housing gap, provide millions of jobs through affordable subscripti­ons and participat­ion options for low- income families.

He said the company is coming into the market to solve critical problems of housing with convenienc­e being the main focus.

He noted that providing affordable housing to millions of Nigerians from all strata of society in line with the new urban agenda and the United Nations Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Goal of promoting sustainabl­e cities and communitie­s would boost the economy of the country.

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