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Insurgency: Approaches to cease further firing!

- Dr. Ransome Ibienafe Oboh, St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Magboro, Ogun State.

SIR: Insurgency in Nigeria started precisely in the North east and it has already taken over the whole nation as at today with the ongoing attacks on military facilities, personnel, civilians etc. In fact, there is daily drastic abduction, rabid raping and killing of both civilians and Army alike. Ironically, the present set of leaders and the incumbent government seem to have lost candid control of both governance and the management of the insurgency which incidental­ly was the anchor of their election campaign.

In the battle field, there are aids workers like the members of the Red Cross, medical personnel, the religious etc who ordinarily should be spared from violence because of their dynamic roles during the war but unfortunat­ely, the insurgents in Nigeria mostly target them. Imagine the attack at the Nigeria Defence Academy where both Nigerians and nonNigeria­ns are being trained.

Many years ago, before the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari ( PMB), he was humbly requested by the Boko Haram/ insurgents to mediate / stand on their behalf in a proposed peace talk which never happened. Now as the present President of Nigeria, such rapport could be used to the advantage of Nigeria and Nigerians. He can still call for a meeting of those co- travellers who know where, when and how to get the insurgents for negotiatio­n and to also call for a ceasefire in Nigeria. This has become necessary because the Nigeria Armed forces have been engaged in a battle that looked simple but is basically complex in nature and operations.

While Nigeria is busy expending both human and non- human resources in the war against the insurgency, the few captured alive are being tagged repentant bandits, released, reportedly compensate­d and absorbed into either the society or the Armed forces. Only Nigeria can perpetrate this unprofessi­onal act. Why wouldn’t there be ambushing, attack of military instillati­ons and personnel?

Presently, many schools have been closed in the North, a part of the nation which has been obviously enjoying the privilege and opportunit­y of quota system both in terms of admission and employment of labour purposeful policies. Certainly, the insurgency there has further compounded the whole situation. Some students were even deprived from writing their English language paper in the ongoing WAEC examinatio­n of recent in the Eastern part of Nigeria too. By implicatio­n, the entire nation educationa­l system is gradually being held to ransom. Thus, the justifiabl­e need for the call for cease fire.

Also, the forceful exodus of both Nigerians and nonNigeria­ns from the North which consists of children and adults who are found in every part of the South partly due to the insurgency, starvation and unpredicta­ble economic situation could be curtailed; if there is a ceasefire now.

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