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Wakanow unveils experience centre in Lekki

- By Kelvin Osa Okunbor

TRAVEL management company, Wakanow, has opened an experithe ence centre in Jubilee Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos.

The new office, according to the travel company, is part of its strategy to position itself to deliver satisfacto­ry consumer experience.

According to the company, the COVID-19 pandemic heavily impacted the travel and tourism industry particular­ly in 2020, at the peak of global lock downs with most countries closing their borders to non-essential travel, forcing airlines to heavily reduce capacity globally.

To weather the shocks occasioned by the pandemic, the company said it deployed a hybrid model as an offline and online agency to solidify its massive investment in technology , which has helped it to drive the sustainabi­lity of business in the intervenin­g period.

The company said it was the only travel agency running 24/7 customer service centre operations which enabled it to take care of teeming customers during the upheaval in flight operations.

Speaking in an interview, its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bayo Adedeji, said: “Wakanow was able to weather the pandemic storm due to its innovative approach in the developmen­t of new complement­ary products and the unwavering commitment of its staff to customers’’.

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