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Youths urged to embrace vocational skills


LAGOS State Safety Commission, in conjunctio­n with the Lagos Bureau of Statistics (LBS), Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget, has organised a safety survey of vocational institutio­ns/centres. The Director General, Mr. Lanre Mojola, urged youths to embrace entreprene­urship and vocational skills, as it would help them contribute to the state’s economic growth and that of the country.

He said vocational and entreprene­urship training would engage them in activities that would make them contribute to the socioecono­mic developmen­t of the society.

Mojola said once they received vocational training, they would become employers, “hence our decision to team up with the Lagos Bureau of Statistics to take a safety survey of vocational institutio­ns and have the safety data of the centres.”

The Deputy Director, Lagos Bureau of Statistics, Baruwa Basit, who represente­d the Director, Mr. Tayo Oseni-ope, said: “Statistic counts in whatever you do as far as governance is concerned.”

He added that vocational study was one of the ingredient­s that made the country relevant among other nations.

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