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TWO weeks ago, this essayist noted that the Jonathan administra­tion rose on the enthusiast­ic wave of Southeast joy, but the Otuoke man did little other than pad the elite. I noted that Buhari, for all his sectional zest, has done more for the region than anyone for the region since Gowon. A trove of protests online could have shocked me if I had not prophesied that even if Fashola paved the roads with gold some would not see it. Prejudice makes a good thing seem bad. Just as I wrote this the FEC approved MTN to assist in the Enugu-onitsha Expressway that is a great work in progress. Or shall I say also of the Owerri-enugu road? The Second Niger Bridge was Jonathan's rhetorical feast without a feat on the ground or water. Even the blind will rejoice at the vista of what is going on there. When Jonathan left office, he had infrastruc­ture vote of N18 billion. With Fashola on the seat, the budget is over N260 billion. By any fraction, this government is spending more for the southeast than Jonathan budgeted for the whole nation when the dollar was over 100 dollars per barrel. Babatunde Fashola, trojan of works, is leaving much for history to chew.

But Buhari is his worst enemy with Igbos. He has hurt them too much to please them. But the work is on in the region. They only have to look. For instance, three out of the six-lane driveway of Onitshaumu­nya-awkuzu-abba/ukpo-amawbiaawk­a section of the Onitsha-enugu Expressway has now reduced drive-time from 1:15 to 25 minutes. So, there!

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