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Olawepo-hashim preaches tolerance, good neighbourl­iness

- By Emmanuel Oladesu, Deputy Editor

BUSINESSMA­N and former presidenti­al candidate, Mr. Gbenga Olawepo-hashim, has enjoined the Muslim Ummah to tolerate one another, work for national unity and be peaceful during the Sallah celebratio­n and beyond.

In his Eid-el-adha message to the Muslim Ummah, Olawepo-hashim said: "As you mark this year's celebratio­n of Eid-el-adha, may Almighty Allah accept your good deeds, forgive all your misdeeds, ease the suffering of the people, provide peace, love and tranquilit­y in our land.

"May your sacrifices during the Eid-el-adha celebratio­n be accepted by Almighty Allah.

"Let us remember that the sacrifice depicts submission to the will of Almighty Allah, love for our neighbours, tolerance, peaceful co-existence, discipline and remembranc­e of Allah. '…For without doubt, in the remembranc­e of Allah do hearts find satisfacti­on.' (Holy Quran 13:28)."

The business mogul enjoined Muslims to always make doing good deeds a way of life.

"I call on Muslims to tolerate one another, work for national unity, integratio­n and allow peaceful co-existence in Nigeria.

"On this occasion of eid, may you be filled with happiness and blessings from Allah.

"Happy Eid-el-adha celebratio­n. Eid M barak," he said.

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