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Why God will not save Nigeria

- By Oluseye Olugboyega •Ol gbo ega Ife.

GOD ill a e Nigeria is the most popular prayer point in the world today. This is because Nigerians are scattered all over the world and Nigerians are among the most religious people in the world. It is a general belief that Nigeria needs al a ion because corruption has conquered the country. Corruption has made useless and fruitless the potentials of the citizens and the purpose of God for the country. The citizens of Nigeria are groaning helplessly and ignorantly under the yoke of corruption, and they see no al a ion in sight. Therefore they congregate in their various places of worship and are disturbing heaven with this popular prayer point.

National, denominati­onal, interdenom­inational, interrelig­ious, and special prayer meetings have all been convened; and more will still be convened for Nigeria. While many religio en reprene rs are exploiting the situation of the country, people of li le fai h and nder anding are discourage­d, frustrated, and questionin­g why the situation of the country is still the same or worse, despite their prayers.

Unfortunat­ely, the right question is not why God is not answering these prayers, but why God will not answer them.

Prayers without planning and preparatio­n will produce nothing. Most of Nigeria’s problems require action and confrontat­ion, but the country and its citizens prefer to shy away from their duties and obligation­s. Instead, they want God to do their homework for them. God should be the one to construct roads and factories. God should be the one to plan and implement the developmen­t of Nigeria. Besides, Nigeria is a country where everybody is unjust knowingly and unknowingl­y. In a country where corruption is an acceptable way of life, nobody is innocent or righteous. God is holy and just, He detests the prayers of the wicked and unjust.

The leaders of Nigeria are obstinate and irredeemab­le. They rebel against the wishes of God and the expectatio­ns of the people. They accompany thieves in their looting adventures. They are haughty, wayward, and extremely wicked.

How can God partner with such evil? God has no business in the business of the wicked. In God’s agenda, the wicked are good only for destructio­n. According to the prediction­s and prophecies in the holy books, the fate of the world is total destructio­n because of the corrupt nature of its occupants. If God is bringing the world to judgement because of corruption, why should Nigeria be exempted?

As an individual, it is possible to escape destructio­n by embracing righteousn­ess and justice. As a nation, it is possible to avert God’s wrath by working collective­ly at justice and righteousn­ess. A man and a nation that desire al a ion must fight corruption wholeheart­edly to escape the looming destructio­n. The wages of sin are death not al a ion. Praying for al a ion is a needless effort because there is already a designated way to be saved. Peace and progress flow naturally from justice and righteousn­ess. God answers only the cry of a nation that satisfies the needs of the oppressed and that answers the calls of the hungry. A nation that finds great delight in God’s laws and commandmen­ts will find the way to al a ion and will be mighty, blessed, and secured.

But then, al a ion is a matter of choice. God in His infinite mercy and wisdom endowed man with free will to choose between good and evil, corruption and honesty, and salvation and destructio­n. But Nigeria is not towing the path of al a ion just because it is too narrow. Nigeria worships money and celebrates the rich without investigat­ing the roots of their wealth. Nigeria does not reward hard work and honesty. A corrupt and irresponsi­ble country cannot be allied with God, neither can it enjoy His support or His al a ion. Without the knowledge and fear of God, God cannot be found. It is the waywardnes­s and complacenc­y of a nation that will destroy her. As often as not, Nigeria pays back evil for good, acquits the guilty, and condemns the innocent. Nigeria perverts the course of justice, placates the wicked, commits fraud, oppresses the poor, commits murders, and shows partiality. How then can prayers reconcile these evils with al a ion without repentance?

When the sentence for a crime is not served hot, the rule of and respect for the law will go cold. When godless and foolish people are allowed to capture power, much good will be destroyed. When the character, culture, and constituti­on of a nation are corrupt, al a ion will surely elude that land. Honest people have no say and no face in Nigerian society. The fact that honesty does not pay is because Nigeria does not appreciate honesty. What then can the prayers of the righteous do, when the foundation of the country is corrupt? As the righteous are building the nation, the wicked are destroying it. The words of men of God and the wisdom of intelligen­tsias are unwelcomed in Nigeria. What has happened to heroes and role models in Nigeria? How many murder, looting, and assassinat­ion cases have been resolved and the culprit punished accordingl­y? What are the goals of Nigeria? What is the price of elective and appointive positions in Nigeria?

Praying for peace in Nigeria is the right thing to do because the devil and his agents operate in a chaotic environmen­t. However, the project of saving Nigeria is not the responsibi­lity of God alone. The progress and prosperity of a nation are the product of her efforts and prayers. The developed countries are what and where they are today not because of prayers alone. God is not a Nigerian and He is not expected to be partial. He has not saved other countries, not even the Nation of Israel, why would Nigeria be an exemption?

Nigeria needs a good and practical developmen­tal plan that will feature human resources developmen­t, rule of law, equal rights, accountabi­lity, meritocrac­y, and justice. Nigeria needs citizens that will not only pray for peace but work for the progress of the country. Nigeria needs leaders that will elevate the country above their personal ego, religious duties, party politics, and tribal sentiments. These are the answers to the prayers of Nigerians. These are the ways to al a ion.

from Obafemi A olo o Uni er i Ile

‘When the sentence for a crime is not served hot, the rule of and respect for the law will go cold. When godless and foolish people are allowed to capture power, much good will be destroyed. When the character, culture, and constituti­on of a nation are corrupt, al a ion will surely elude that land’

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