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AOS Orwell completes Shell ANOH ICSS project


AN indigenous oilfield and energy servicing company, AOS Orwell, has completed an Integrated Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT) for Shell ANOH Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) project.

This feat, which started at AOS Orwell’s ICSS facility in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, was concluded at the Onne Free Zone Port, with the IFAT.

The final delivery of the project will take place at the project site located at the Assa North-ohaji South (ANOH) in the Ohaji- Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State.

The project, which sits on 200 hectares extending in 719.84km square meter, is located approximat­ely 25km from Owerri and 75km from Port Harcourt. Stakeholde­rs in the sector have, however, described the project as one of the largest “Greenfield gas condensate” developmen­t project to have been undertaken in the country.

For instance, the Project Lead at AOS Orwell, Abumenre Odigie, an engineer, explained that the entire project was executed by his firm in collaborat­ion with Emerson. “AOS Orwell has been a very instrument­al partner to Shell for the delivery of the scope for the ICSS and our management is so delighted to have been part of this project; in fact, it speaks to capacity developmen­t and contributi­on to the local content initiative of the Nigerian Content Developmen­t and Management Board (NCDMB),” Odigie said.

He noted that the firm is proud to be part of the prestigiou­s project, adding that, in conjunctio­n with its technical partner, Emerson, it has been responsibl­e for the delivery of the Integrated Control & Safety

System (ICSS) project scope. Odigie further revealed that AOS Orwell is continuous­ly propelled by the unflinchin­g backing from NCDMB in its resolve to deliver on true local content on all projects as demonstrat­ed on the ANOH project.

“The project has further demonstrat­ed AOS Orwell’s management commitment to continue to support the local content initiative of the Federal Government/ncdmb,” he added.

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