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The CEO of Slice Media Solutions Limited, Khadijah Okunu-lamidi, speaks with TOFARATI IGE on her career and other issues


AI am the chief ‘visioneer’ of the company and my responsibi­lities lie in the creative direction of the company. My job is to maintain our brand position by constantly developing ideas which keep us at the upper echelon of the outdoor advertisin­g industry. Our goal is to ensure we remain the leaders in innovation, and to consistent­ly present an unavoidabl­e disruption to the outdoor media space.

We have proved this, for example, by deploying the first and only LED street lamp pole screens presently on the Third Mainland Bridge in the economic capital of the country, Lagos State.

We are an all-round advertisin­g company. In Lagos, we are the leaders in out-of-home advertisin­g as we provide complete market coverage. Some of our services include out of home advertisin­g, trend analysis, name and brand equity assessment, core messaging adapted to key audiences, brand marketing/management, among others.

As a company which embraces transforma­tion and innovation, we wanted to significan­tly impact businesses and society through design. The Third Mainland Bridge digital lamp poles are an affordable evolution from traditiona­l flex lamp pole banners, where creative brands can optimise their broadcast to create extended engagement with audiences in ways other media simply cannot match.

The Third Mainland Bridge measures 11.8km in length and is one of the longest bridges in Africa. It enjoys high vehicular traffic, with a daily estimated 1m eyeballs mark mostly during peak hours alone.

They don’t really pay attention to content and they don’t run adequate assessment for full market coverage. With Slice Media, the innovative­ness of our creative team allows us to drive contextual­ly pertinent communicat­ion.

You need to have the confidence in your vision and be determined to execute it. For this, you must invest in a highly intelligen­t, astute and specialise­d team to analyse, think through and execute stages of that vision. A working team is critical. Your team needs to be motivated and valued.

In this industry, it is also valuable to have access to an extended network of high value individual­s. the Lekki-epe branch, and I held that position for 18 months.

I was then moved to the corporate affairs department, to head client services. Together with my team, we ensured LASAA remained appealing to all clients who walked in. I resigned slightly over a year after.

I do not consider the term ‘girl empowermen­t’; I rather refer to it as gender balance. I try to project female gender opportunit­ies and manage the narrative in the media. Young women must constantly see successful and accomplish­ed women to reinforce their dreams.

For the Internatio­nal Women’s Day 2019, we displayed inspiratio­nal and successful women on our iconic screens. This was to encourage the budding heroines, and thank those who had paved the way.

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