What are drive line, pro­pel­ler shaft, univer­sal joint and slip joint?

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When an en­gine pro­duces power and clutch and trans­mis­sion con­vert it into re­quired torque, some as­sem­bly is needed to carry this torque to driv­ing axle or usu­ally to rear axle.

This as­sem­bly is known as drive line. A drive line con­sist one or more drive shaft (pro­pel­ler shaft), univer­sal joints, and slip joints.

Var­i­ous types of pro­pel­ler shaft, univer­sal joint, and slip joints are used to carry en­gine power from the trans­mis­sion box to the driv­ing wheels.

To­day, I am go­ing to tell you about drive shaft com­po­nent and their work­ing in de­tails. Th­ese are the main com­po­nents of drive shaft

Pro­pel­ler shaft:

The pro­pel­ler shaft is a driv­ing shaft which con­nects the trans­mis­sion main shaft to the dif­fer­en­tial of the real axle. It trans­mits the power from gear box to rear axle with the help of univer­sal joints. The pro­pel­ler shaft is also known as drive shaft.

It per­forms the fol­low­ing func­tion:

What is drive line? What are main com­po­nent of drive line? (pro­pel­ler shaft). To re­ceive the power from the gear box out­put shaft and with­out any change in speed trans­mit it to the in­put pin­ion of the dif­fer­en­tial for on­ward trans­mis­sion to the rear axle and rear wheels. To cope with the dif­fer­ence in line with the level of the gear box out­put shaft and the dif­fer­en­tial in­put pin­ion shaft. The pro­pel­ler shaft has to op­er­ate at var­ied lengths and var­ied an­gles.

The en­gine of the au­to­mo­bile is some­what rigidly at­tached to the frame by springs. As the ve­hi­cle moves on the road there are jerks and bumps due to which the springs ex­pand and con­tract. This changes the an­gle of drive be­tween the pro­pel­ler shaft and the trans­mis­sion shaft.

The dis­tance be­tween the gear box and dif­fer­en­tial also changes due to the move­ment of the springs. So the pro­pel­ler shaft has to meet both the an­gu­lar change com­ing be­tween the gear box and dif­fer­en­tial and change in length of the dis­tance be­tween the gear box and dif­fer­en­tial. The pro­pel­ler shaft is also not on the same line as the gear box out­put shaft but it runs to the rear axle at an an­gle be­cause the level of the rear axle is lower than the gear box. So to ad­just an­gu­lar mo­tion univer­sal joints are pro­vided and to ad­just for the change in length of the pro­pel­ler shaft , a slip joint is pro­vided.

The pro­pel­ler shaft has to with­stand the tor­sional stresses of the trans­mit­ting torque, and yet it must be light and well bal­anced so that vi­bra­tions will not oc­cur at high speed. So it is usu­ally made of a strong steel tube.

Univer­sal joint:

A univer­sal joint al­lows driv­ing torque to be car­ried through two shafts that are at an an­gle with each other. A sim­ple univer­sal joint con­sists of two Y- shaped yoke, one on the driv­ing shaft and other on the driven shaft. The four arms of spi­der are as­sem­bled in nee­dle bear­ings in the two yokes. The driv­ing shaft and yoke force the spi­der to ro­tate.

The other two trun­nions of the spi­der then cause the driven yoke to ro­tate. When the two shafts are at an an­gle with each other, the nee­dle bear­ings per­mit the yokes to swing around on the trun­nions with each rev­o­lu­tion.

A sim­ple univer­sal joint does not trans­mit the mo­tion uni­formly when the shafts are op­er­at­ing an an­gle. be­cause of this, two univer­sal joints are used in a ve­hi­cle, one be­tween the gear box and the pro­pel­ler shaft and other be­tween the pro­pel­ler shaft and the dif­fer­en­tial pin­ion shaft.

What is drive line? What are main com­po­nent of drive line? (univer­sal joint)

Slip joint:

Slip joint is at­tached to the driven yoke to in­crease or de­crease the length of pro­pel­ler shaft. It has out­side splines on the shaft and match­ing in­ter­nal splines in a mat­ing hol­low shaft or yoke. When as­sem­bled, the splines cause the shafts to ro­tate to­gether while they can move back and forth. This changes the length of pro­pel­ler shaft.

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