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Kid­ney fail­ure is when the kid­neys are no longer able carry out their func­tions and some of those func­tions in­clude be­ing able to re­move waste from the body, con­trol blood pres­sure, pro­duce blood and re­move ex­ces­sive wa­ter from the body. So when the kid­neys fail and are no longer able to do all th­ese, the pa­tient will re­quire the treat­ment we call dial­y­sis or kid­ney trans­plant.

There are two types of kid­ney dis­ease – acute and chronic. If some­one has chronic kid­ney dis­ease or CKD, they can­not re­verse it with treat­ment. The pa­tient will re­quire ei­ther dial­y­sis or kid­ney trans­plant. In many hos­pi­tals in the coun­try, fa­cil­i­ties are avail­able for dial­y­sis. How­ever, kid­ney trans­plant is a pro­ce­dure that is not read­ily avail­able in the coun­try. It’s done in very few cen­tres and it is ex­pen­sive.

The com­mon ones that we see of­ten are hyper­ten­sion, di­a­betes, and in­flam­ma­tion of the kid­neys. Then we have in­fec­tions like hep­ati­tis, HIV, and for men, we have en­larged prostate. Those are the com­mon causes that we see in the hos­pi­tals but there are sev­eral oth­ers like skin bleach­ing agents that con­tain mer­cury. Skin light­en­ing agents that con­tain hy­dro­quinone can cause kid­ney dis­ease. An­other com­mon prac­tice that is as­so­ci­ated with kid­ney dis­ease is tak­ing some painkiller­s. Th­ese painkiller­s, when used over time, could dam­age the kid­ney.

Acute kid­ney dis­ease also has its causes. Un­like be­fore when some­one suf­fer­ing from acute kid­ney dis­ease gets bet­ter af­ter treat­ment, nowa­days, af­ter some time, some of the pa­tients de­velop chronic kid­ney dis­ease. Any­thing that will cause blood loss can lead to re­nal fail­ure if not treated and preg­nant women who are prone to hyper­ten­sion dur­ing preg­nancy can also de­velop kid­ney dis­ease and it has caused loss of lives and even loss of ba­bies.

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