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Choco­late fudge sauce

•1 3/4 cups con­fec­tion­ers’ sugar •1 (12 ounce) can evap­o­rated milk •1 cup semisweet choco­late chips •1/2 cup but­ter

•1 tsp pure vanilla ex­tract

•Dark choco­late Oreo crust:

For the rest:

•1 1/2 quarts vanilla ice cream­s­lightly soft­ened •1 heap­ing cup Span­ish peanuts (roughly chopped) •1 (12 ounce) con­tainer Cool Whip

•3 dark choco­late Oreo cook­ies (crushed)


•In a saucepan over medium heat, com­bine con­fec­tion­ers’ sugar, evap­o­rated milk, choco­late chips and 1/2 cup but­ter. Cook, stir­ring fre­quently, un­til but­ter and choco­late chips have melted. Bring to a boil, stir­ring con­stantly, and boil for eight min­utes, stir­ring fre­quently. Re­duce heat un­der pan, if nec­es­sary, to keep mix­ture at a low boil. Re­move from heat and stir in vanilla. Set aside and let it sit for an hour or more un­til cool.

•Mean­while, add 36 Oreos to the bowl of a food pro­ces­sor and pulse un­til finely crushed. Add melted but­ter and pulse again un­til well com­bined. Pour the Oreo crumb mix­ture out into a 13-x 9-inch bak­ing dish, spread out and press down firmly into the bot­tom of the dish to form a crust. Trans­fer the bak­ing dish to the freezer to chill un­til the fudge sauce has com­pletely cooled.

•When choco­late fudge sauce is cooled, slice vanilla ice cream into 3/4 inch slices, and place them in a sin­gle layer over the chilled crust (or scoop out with a spoon and set over the crust). Smooth the ice cream out with the back of a spoon or off­set spat­ula to form an even layer. Sprin­kle the peanuts over the ice cream. Top with the cooled fudge sauce, spread­ing out to cover the ice cream layer. Cover and freeze for one hour or un­til set. Spread with whipped top­ping and sprin­kle with cookie crumbs. Cover and freeze for at least four hours or overnight.

recipe notes

•Dark choco­late Oreo cook­ies come in a 12.2 ounce pack­age and you will need two pack­ages to have enough to make this recipe.

•To­tal time does not in­clude fi­nal freez­ing time of four hours or overnight. I rec­om­mend mak­ing this dessert a day in ad­vance and freez­ing it overnight for the best re­sult.

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