I re­gret fol­low­ing my son to meet killer pas­tor – Mother of slain Lasu stu­dent’s boyfriend

Mrs Bola Adeeko is the mother of the sus­pected killer of fi­nal-year stu­dent of La­gos State Univer­sity, Favour Da­ley-oladele, who was said to have been in­volved in the killing. She tells Daud OLATUNJI she was not in­volved in the killing of her son’s girlfr

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WHat do you do for a liv­ing?

I am 46 years old. I do dec­o­ra­tions. I get con­tracts for school dec­o­ra­tions. I’m a mar­ried woman and we live to­gether.

How many chil­dren do you have?

Owolabi is my only child.

What role did you play in the death of Favour, whom your son has ad­mit­ted to have killed?

I went to see Pas­tor Segun be­cause of the spir­i­tual prob­lems fac­ing our fam­ily. There is no­body who does not have prob­lems. I went there so that he could as­sist us spir­i­tu­ally. I went there for so­lu­tions to our prob­lems. Be­fore I went there, I had spo­ken to him on the phone and he told me all that would be done for me and my fam­ily. I had a dream and he told me that the dream was what would de­ter­mine the kind of spir­i­tual rit­ual to be done for me.

He gave me a soap to use and af­ter us­ing it, I dreamt that I saw my­self giv­ing food to peo­ple. The next day, I called him and ex­plained my dream to him and he told me I needed to of­fer a sac­ri­fice to my deceased par­ents be­cause that was why I suf­fered a set­back in all I had been do­ing.

He told me I would need to cook for peo­ple and would need to buy a goat and other food items for the sac­ri­fice.

How much did you give him for the sac­ri­fice?

I gave him N200,000 for the sac­ri­fice. I bor­rowed the money from peo­ple around me.

What hap­pened af­ter you gave the pas­tor the money?

He bought the goat like he said and I saw as they cooked and dis­trib­uted food to the peo­ple liv­ing in the en­vi­ron­ment where the church is lo­cated. They also pack­aged some in plas­tic bowls and gave them to beg­gars.

That evening, he came to where I was lodged and told me that they would use the goat’s vi­tal or­gans to pre­pare con­coc­tion for me. In the night, the pas­tor bought the con­coc­tion as he promised. I only ate a lit­tle from the con­coc­tion be­cause I am not a fan of such things. In fact, I vom­ited af­ter eat­ing it un­known to me that hu­man body parts were used to pre­pare the con­coc­tion.

The fol­low­ing day, the pas­tor came to me and told me that they would pre­pare a spir­i­tual soap for me that I would be us­ing to bathe so that I could get good clients for my job.

Why did you par­take in such a heinous act?

I did not know any­thing about the killing of the girl; I was sur­prised when the po­lice told me that my son had com­mit­ted mur­der. I was never aware that the con­coc­tion they gave me had hu­man body parts.

I felt bad and dev­as­tated. In fact, I have not eaten any­thing since the Fri­day that I was ar­rested. It hurts and I can’t even imag­ine that I ate hu­man body parts with­out my con­sent. I am also a mother and it re­ally touched my heart that they killed some­one’s daugh­ter for me. There was no way they would tell me they wanted to use hu­man body parts to pre­pare con­coc­tion for me and I would agree to it.

Why did you fol­low your son to seek spir­i­tual in­ter­ven­tion to solve your prob­lems?

Frus­tra­tion made me fol­low him be­cause things were not go­ing well for my fam­ily.

We were just go­ing from one prob­lem to an­other. I have vis­ited many pas­tors my­self, but when he came to me and told me about the pas­tor (Segun), I felt he might have so­lu­tions to our prob­lems.

How were you ar­rested?

I left the place (Ikoyi-ile in Osun) three days af­ter the sac­ri­fice made and went to La­gos. The pas­tor told me that my son would stay back for some time be­cause he needed to per­form some rit­u­als for him.

But a day be­fore Christ­mas, I went to my fa­ther’s house in Ibadan; that was when I started call­ing my son and the pas­tor and couldn’t get him. all ef­forts to get him were in vain, so I had to call a me­chanic I gave my car to at Ikoyi-ile so he could fix it as it was faulty. It was the me­chanic that told me that my car had been im­pounded by the po­lice. So I left Ibadan for Osun and went straight to the Ayedade Po­lice Sta­tion to find out why they im­pounded my ve­hi­cle. I also re­ported at the sta­tion that I was look­ing for my son. It was there I was ar­rested and taken to Mowe in Ogun State.

Do you have any re­grets?

I re­gret fol­low­ing my son to meet the prophet. I re­gret meet­ing the prophet be­cause if I did not meet the man, what hap­pened to us wouldn’t have hap­pened. Af­ter all, he was not the first prophet I would go to. If not that my son in­sisted that he knew the prophet and was sure the man could solve our prob­lems, I wouldn’t have gone there.

Has any mem­ber of your fam­ily vis­ited you?

no­body has come to check on us be­cause they have not given us the op­por­tu­nity to make calls. I want the gov­ern­ment to help me be­cause I did not know any­thing about it. I was kept in the dark. I did not see any­thing wrong in hav­ing prob­lems and go­ing to a pas­tor to seek spir­i­tual guid­ance. Gov­ern­ment should come to my aid; I am in­no­cent.

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