I’m ready to die for slaugh­ter­ing LASU stu­dent — Pas­tor

The self-ac­claimed Osun-based pas­tor, Segun Philips, who re­port­edly slaugh­tered a fi­nal-year stu­dent of La­gos State Univer­sity, Favour Da­leyOladele, af­ter her head was smashed by her boyfriend, tells Daud OLATUNJI about his role in the crime

The Punch - - INTERVIEW -

Do you re­ally have a church?

I’m 42 years old and I’m from Osun State. I live in Ikoyi-ile. I am a prophet. I have a church – Cheru­bim and Seraphim Church, So­lu­tion chapel in Ikoy­iIle, Osun State.

How did you be­come a pas­tor?

I was trained at Elmes­siah Cheru­bim and Seraphim at Sango. I was called by God, but I think I have de­vi­ated from my call­ing and that was why I in­volved my­self in all these atroc­i­ties.

How many chil­dren do you have?

I have two chil­dren, one male and one fe­male.

What was your role in the killing of Favour?

We wanted to per­form money rit­ual for Owolabi’s mother with­out her knowl­edge. The agree­ment was be­tween me and her son; we agreed to do it for her and we promised never to let her know the source of the money. But the money rit­ual we wanted to per­form re­quired hu­man body parts for it to work. He (Owolabi) asked me where we could get body parts of a hu­man be­ing and I told him I didn’t know be­cause that was the first time I would be per­form­ing such. I told him that he was the one that would get the hu­man be­ing to be used for the rit­ual. Owolabi agreed to bring his girl­friend and when he brought the girl­friend, we killed her and re­moved all we needed from her. What I re­moved were the head, heart, breasts and hands. We used all these parts to pre­pare a con­coc­tion for Owolabi’s mother but she did not know that they were hu­man body parts. We de­ceived her; we told her we would need to make a sac­ri­fice and that she would need to feed peo­ple. I told her that the heart and vi­tal or­gans of a goat would be used to make a con­coc­tion for her to eat. She never knew what we gave her to eat were hu­man body parts and no­body told her un­til we were caught.

So you slaugh­tered the lady…

yes, it is true. I was the one who slaugh­tered the lady and re­moved all the nec­es­sary things we needed from her body.

How many peo­ple have you done money rit­ual for?

This was my first time. I told Owolabi when he came to me that I had not done some­thing like that be­fore.

So who taught you how to per­form money rit­ual us­ing hu­man body parts?

It was Sun­day Oba­sioni that taught me how to use hu­man body parts for money rit­ual. He taught me when I was still a trainee un­der him. He told me not to teach any­one, and be­cause I was an il­lit­er­ate, I used my phone to record how he ex­plained that I would go about it and it was the record­ing I used when I wanted to do it for Owolabi’s mother.

How will you feel if they do the same for your daugh­ter?

I will feel bad and take a very dras­tic ac­tion to en­sure the cul­prits are brought to jus­tice. and be­cause of the proverb that says, ‘your chil­dren would suf­fer for the wrongs you have done’, I al­ready know my daugh­ter may also face the same fate in the com­ing years.

Do you have any re­grets?

From the first day we per­formed the money rit­ual, I have re­gret­ted do­ing some­thing like that. I blamed my­self af­ter the in­ci­dent for en­gag­ing in such a wicked act.

Since you knew it was wrong, why did you do it?

I did it be­cause I was broke and needed money. I didn’t have money and when they brought the busi­ness, I agreed be­cause of the money in­volved.

Since you were broke, why didn’t you do con­sider per­form­ing money rit­ual for your­self?

When Sun­day Oba­sioni taught me how to per­form such a rit­ual, he said I could not do it for my­self, peo­ple close to me or mem­bers of my con­gre­ga­tion. He said I could only per­form such a rit­ual for peo­ple far­away from me. I did it for Owolabi be­cause he came from some­where far from here.

Has any fam­ily mem­ber vis­ited you since you have been ar­rested?

no­body wants to as­so­ciate with me be­cause they heard about the heinous act I com­mit­ted. I want the gov­ern­ment to have mercy on me. I know I have left God’s way and cho­sen the path of the devil. I know I have dined with the devil and must face the wrath of jus­tice for my ac­tion. I’m a dis­grace to priest­hood and many have sinned be­cause of me. I want them to for­give me so that I can start afresh and be­come a good evan­ge­list who would preach the gospel of Gospel. I know the sen­tence that will be passed on me for mur­der­ing some­one is death. Since that is the law of the coun­try, I am ready to face the death penalty for what I did.


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