Where vi­sion is clear, life mis­sion is pos­si­ble

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IN­ten­tion is a great hu­man thought and idea. ev­ery move in life be­gins with it. With in­ten­tion, pos­ses­sions are pos­sessed, mar­riages are con­sum­mated; fam­i­lies are strength­ened; and dreams are ful­filled. In­ten­tion is like a tat­too in the heart of a man striv­ing to achieve a dream. Dreams and de­sires are spurred into ac­tu­al­ity and re­al­ity through hu­man in­ten­tions. But be re­minded my friend, a hu­man in­ten­tion not fol­lowed by an ac­tion leaves a dream in de­ten­tion. All hu­man in­ten­tions must promptly be fol­lowed by ac­tions. that is the thrust of my trea­tise this week.

In­ten­tion gingers a wise man into set­ting goals to­wards a dream. It stim­u­lates and mo­ti­vates him un­til the dream ger­mi­nates into fruition. the be­gin­ning of a jour­ney to­wards a lofty dream is to draw up goals. Any­one with big dreams with­out goals will not hit the gold. Set­ting a goal draws a bold line be­tween peo­ple who only dream and those who are sin­cerely pre­pared to have their dreams ful­filled. All hu­man minds are gold­mines. Out of them flows what makes a man ful­fil his des­tiny. All hu­man minds are gold­mines; but a mind with­out a goal in life will end up with­out gold. As you read this, I ask: Have you set your goals for 2020?

If you have not set goals for your­self this year, you have not be­gun a jour­ney into new­ness. Al­ways re­mem­ber that what a man does not start, doesn’t get started; what he doesn’t be­gin, does not have a be­gin­ning. the dream you have set for your­self, be­gins with clear goals drawn to­wards it. Check out per­son­al­i­ties who seem to have ac­com­plished a lot in life; and check out na­tions with tes­ta­ments; they know where they are headed and ex­ude an en­vi­able con­fi­dence be­cause they have goals. ef­fec­tive goal-set­ting is a mas­ter key a per­son who wants to be suc­cess­ful needs. You may be work­ing very hard at what you do, but with­out set­ting goals you will find out that your hard work doesn’t yield mean­ing­ful re­sult.

At one point in the “Alice in Won­de­fland” story, Alice stops at the cross­roads to ask Cheshire Cat which road to take. He re­sponded by ask­ing:

“Where are you head­ing?”

“I don’t care much where,” Alice said

“Then, it doesn’t mat­ter where you go,” Cheshire Cat replied.

Con­tin­ued from Thurs­day

As a re­sult, Alice wan­dered aim­lessly in her trav­els. that is the story of very many men and women with­out goals in life. Goals are de­sires made pre­cise with a dead­line at­tached to them. It is not too late to set goals if you haven’t done so by now. This acro­nym “S.M.A.R.T.” should be a good guide for you.




Rel­e­vant. time-bound.

You must set S.M.A.R.T goals that mo­ti­vate you. Make sure you also write them down and fol­low through. Many hu­man be­ings were in a hurry to get 2019 out of the way hop­ing for bet­ter days in 2020. But ask how many have spe­cific plans and goals to­wards the dream they wish will help them stride higher in the New Year, or some­day in the fu­ture? Ask the Pres­i­dent of your coun­try; the sen­a­tor in your district, and the gover­nor in over­sight over the af­fairs of your state, what are their goals for growth and de­vel­op­ment of their ter­ri­to­ries and of their ci­ti­zens from now and into the fu­ture. the re­sponse you re­ceive from them is an af­fir­ma­tion whether it’s a blind man lead­ing you; or a man of clear vi­sion is in charge of your des­tiny. Your com­mu­nity may be in slav­ery if your ‘Oga” is a man with­out goals.

Where goals are sculp­tured even in gold, the jour­ney doesn’t end there. Don’t leave home with­out fo­cus. You must fo­cus on your goals. It is a tru­ism that life does not give to a man what he de­serves; but what he de­mands. De­mand­ing a thing in life is not just re­quest­ing what we want. It is dream­ing a dream and ex­pect­ing the dream to bur­geon into fruition through the power of fo­cus. I was in­spired by the story I re­cently heard about one of my daugh­ters. At age eight, Grace had pur­posed in her heart that she was go­ing to be­come a neu­ro­sci­en­tist. She also dreamt in her young, in­no­cent but de­ter­mined mind that she would be study­ing the course in one of the best uni­ver­si­ties in the world. She chose Stan­ford Univer­sity. Grace will turn 18 in March; and uni­ver­si­ties have al­ready be­gun of­fer­ing her ad­mis­sions as a re­sult of her stel­lar aca­demic achieve­ments. She turned them all down. Her dream is to sit in a class­room with oth­ers from all around the world in Stan­ford. She ap­plied to the school, and a few months ago, Stan­ford in­vited her for a fa­mil­iari­sa­tion event about the col­lege. to­day, Stan­ford has given her an ad­mis­sion of­fer! In the fall of 2020, Grace will be a stu­dent in Stan­ford Univer­sity study­ing neu­ro­science. She con­ceived the dream when she was eight years old! A man’s level of fo­cus de­ter­mines his fu­ture. When fo­cus is bro­ken, dreams burn up in the oven of fail­ure.

No man is em­pow­ered by God to just wish suc­cess and pros­per­ity into ex­is­tence. If it were pos­si­ble, there will be no sin­gle beg­gar on the rowdy streets of New York, or la­gooned high­ways of La­gos. What man gets bet­ter deals do­ing the same thing; work­ing the same strat­egy; and ex­pect­ing dif­fer­ent re­sults? Know I not! the same job level can­not get you a dif­fer­ent in­come. the same ed­u­ca­tion level can­not get you through new doors that re­quire higher ed­u­ca­tional qual­i­fi­ca­tion. The same kind of co­horts of pals can­not get you a new net­work. It is only when a man’s vi­sion is clear that his mis­sion be­comes pos­si­ble. Hu­man vi­sion be­comes clearer ONLY through the power of fo­cus.

Leg­endary Amer­i­can bas­ket­ball coach, John Wooden, was called “Wizard of West­wood” be­cause of his fo­cus on prepa­ra­tion. He took the Univer­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, Los An­ge­les to win­ning 10 NCAA Na­tional Cham­pi­onships in a 12-year pe­riod. At ev­ery prac­tice, he kept the goal – the next game – in view. Why? Be­cause, as he said, “It’s too late to pre­pare when op­por­tu­nity ar­rives.”

Fo­cus and dis­trac­tions are sworn en­e­mies. this year, my friend, don’t get dis­tracted by the mun­dane. Dis­trac­tions are life’s side at­trac­tions which lure men into a fast-tracked de­struc­tion. Stay in your lane as you fo­cus. No man dances all over the map and is able to map his ways out of mess and poverty. Find your as­sign­ment and stay on it lest you be­come a man in life’s en­trap­ment.

My friends, time is an equal-op­por­tu­nity em­ployer. the same 24-hour time of day avail­able for a man in Imesi-ile is the same avail­able to a man in Mex­ico. the rich­est man in Geneva can­not buy more hours; nei­ther can the smartest sci­en­tist in Chicago in­vent new min­utes to add to his time. No su­per­man who thinks he is God can save to­day’s hours for the pur­pose of putting them to use to­mor­row. What we all have is to­day. to­mor­row is a self­de­signed prom­is­sory note. op­por­tu­ni­ties to do cer­tain things in life are at­tached to time. the win­ter is divinely dif­fer­ent from the sum­mer. the rainy sea­son ain’t the same as dry sea­son. Be­tween and be­twixt these sea­sons are things you can and can­not do. What you waste, you lose. Wasted time is wasted des­tiny. A man who loses time is a lousy loser. time is an im­pa­tient beast! It comes quick and can­not wait to leave. What you need to do to­day that you leave till to­mor­row will be 24 hours too late. Get up and get go­ing and quit wast­ing time that will never wait for you.


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