Mar­ket dy­nam­ics of poul­try farm­ing

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AFRICA re­mains a vi­able and vir­ile mar­ket for poul­try prod­ucts. As of 2013, six out of 10 fastest grow­ing economies in the world were in Africa.

It is a fact that there’s a huge gap be­tween de­mand and sup­ply.

Take Nige­ria for in­stance with a pro­jected pop­u­la­tion of 400 mil­lion by 2050. If our poul­try pop­u­la­tion is not grown be­yond its present ca­pac­ity of 165 mil­lion chick­ens, then we are far from meet­ing fu­ture soar­ing de­mands.

In our coun­try, 70 per cent of the de­mand for poul­try meat has been con­sis­tently met by im­ported or smug­gled frozen prod­ucts.

In spite of these sta­tis­tics, many live­stock farm­ers still com­plain of lack of mar­ket for their prod­ucts.

Mar­ket de­vel­op­ment is not a pas­sive ad­ven­ture but an ac­tive and strate­gic ex­er­cise.

There’s no time that broil­ers do not sell. To grow your busi­ness, you need a mar­ket­ing plan.

The right mar­ket­ing plan iden­ti­fies ev­ery­thing from;

Who your tar­get cus­tomers are? How you will reach them? How will you re­tain them so they re­peat­edly pa­tro­n­ise you?

Here are a few guide­lines

• Be con­sis­tent in pro­duc­tion and sup­ply: in­con­sis­tency in­di­cates un­re­li­a­bil­ity

• Seg­ment your mar­ket: de­ter­mine the par­tic­u­lar as­pect of the mar­ket you want to reach

Ex­am­ples of seg­ments of the broiler mar­ket are:

• Fes­tive mar­ket for large and heavy birds

• Dressed and frozen chicken mar­ket for mod­er­ate sized birds

• Live bird mar­ket

Other guide­lines are:

• Fo­cus your pro­duc­tion ef­fort on the par­tic­u­lar mar­ket of your in­ter­est

• Feed your birds at lib­erty to en­able you to sell at the least age pos­si­ble

• Be open to sev­eral mar­ket out­lets

• Have buy­ers in ex­cess of your ca­pac­ity. This is to fore­stall dis­ap­point­ment

• Where pos­si­ble avoid mid­dle­men

• En­gage in mas­sive can­vass­ing, ex­plore home de­liv­ery

In ad­di­tion to the points above

• Prac­tise door-to-door com­mu­nity mar­ket­ing

• Pub­li­cise your busi­ness in re­li­gious gath­er­ings/meet­ings, so­cial cir­cle and clubs

• Do so­cial me­dia mar­ket­ing

• Be in­no­va­tive e.g brand­ing and spe­cial pack­ag­ing

• Value ad­di­tion may dis­tin­guish you e.g grilling, roast­ing etc.

• Where pos­si­ble ac­quire a freez­ing or cold fa­cil­ity e.g cold room

• De­velop a Unique Sell­ing Propo­si­tion, i.e, things that dis­tin­guish you from com­pe­ti­tion

You would not have ex­hausted these op­tions be­fore you break even.

Source: Dr Ok­wulu Sa­muel--d Won­der ve­teri­nary con­sult

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