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Sur­feit is an ex­ces­sive amount of some­thing, such as food or drink, or an ill­ness caused by con­sum­ing some­thing in ex­cess. It also means to over con­sume or help some­one else over con­sume to the point of be­ing sick.

An ex­am­ple of sur­feit is when a child eats so many cook­ies and he or she be­comes sick.


The word is in two syl­la­bles and is pro­nounced as, ‘sur­fit’

Use of sur­feit in a sen­tence:

◦ We had such a sur­feit of food dur­ing the hol­i­days that we gave a large por­tion of it to the fam­ily across the street.

◦ Be­cause Katie ate a sur­feit of candy bars, she now has a tummy ache

◦ If you need ad­di­tional tow­els, you will find a sur­feit of them in the bath­room closet.

Synonyms of sur­feit in­clude: sa­ti­ate, gorge, over­feed, over­fill, glut, cram, stuff, overindulg­e, ex­cess, sur­plus, abun­dance, over­sup­ply, su­per­fluity, over­dose, del­uge, too much, more than enough, etc.

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