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On the 1st of July, 2021, both chambers of the parliament went through the clause-by-clause considerat­ion of the bill in preparatio­n for the third reading, which was a major achievemen­t, although not without a call from the public to explain grey areas appearing discrimina­tory to the host communitie­s, while claiming that a section of the nation is set up to benefit from both the Host Community Trust Fund as well as the Frontier Exploratio­n Fund. –Chairman of the House Committee on

Media and Public Affairs, Benjamin Kalu

We reject in its entirety the three per cent and five per cent provisions as compensati­on; the redefiniti­on of host communitie­s and other provisions, including the allocation of 30 per cent of our oil resources to grope in the dark in the name of exploitati­on, a paradox of extreme kind that is not in symphony with common sense, equity and good conscience.

–President, Ijaw National Congress, Prof Benjamin Okaba

It is important to state clearly here to all well-meaning Nigerians that the demand of the oil-bearing communitie­s of the Niger Delta region was for a minimum of 10 per cent equity participat­ion. We want to warn seriously that the people of the Niger Delta have had enough of this colonial and oppressive mentality of our northern brothers and friends.

–National Leader, Pan-niger Delta Forum, Chief Edwin Clark

The success of the PIB will very much depend on political leadership and commitment to effective implementa­tion. The competenci­es of the new regulatory agencies will be crucial. Nigeria’s oil industry has historical­ly been full of sharks, jackals, hyenas and vultures, both domestic and foreign.

–Former Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr Obadiah Mailafia

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