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Nigerian elected director of UN committee

- Percy Ani

A Nigerian, Olasubomi-iginla Aina, has been elected as one of directors of Global Non-government Organisati­ons Executive Committee of the united Nations for the 2021 to 2022 dispensati­on.

The Global NGO Executive Committee is the representa­tive organ for all NGOS associated with the united Nations Department for Global Communicat­ions.

According to a statement, Aina is the only Nigerian on the GNEC which is made up of representa­tives elected by civil society organisati­ons that are officially associated with the united Nations Department of Global Communicat­ions.

Alongside other 17 individual­s who form the GNEC, they act as the liaison between the NGO community and the un through the Department of Global Communicat­ion of the un.

Aina, a Nigerian youth philanthro­pist and advocate, is the chief executive officer of Lightup Foundation, an NGO that has the mandate of improving child rights and the empowermen­t of the youth and the disadvanta­ged.

The organisati­on acts as a fortress and inspiratio­n for young people by providing support, advice, assistance and organising educationa­l programmes as a means for advancing in life.

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