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I fell for Vee’s –Neo Akpofure

- MOBOLA Sadiq

one of the top five finalists of the 2020 edition of Big Brother Naija reality TV show, neo akpofure, has said that his life took a tremendous turn after he participat­ed in the reality show.

The model also stated that he initially tried to keep his relationsh­ip with his girlfriend and co-contestant on the show, Vee Iye, out of the media. revealing what attracted him to Vee, he told Sunday Scoop, “Her confidence was very sexy to me and it made me fall for her. Then, the way she talks. I could listen to her for the rest of my life. Her beauty is enchanting and she is very intelligen­t and focused. although we share a few things publicly, we still try to keep our lives private. When one has someone that special, one can’t help but show her off.

“every day, I am thankful for the ‘correct’ life I am living now. In 72 days, my life went from zero to more than a million— from grass to grace. I have always wanted to model and promote brands that I am passionate about and right now, I am doing

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