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I was surprised getting N10m gift on birthday

- MOBOLA Sadiq –Charles Okocha

Some days ago, actor, Charles Okocha, better known as Igwe 2pac, raised some eyebrows online when he announced that he got a n10m cash gift from one of his fans during his birthday celebratio­n at a club in lagos State. explaining how the gift came about, Igwe 2pac told Sunday Scoop, “The n10m I got on my birthday was real. a lot of people have been calling me to ask if the news is true. The truth is that the giver is a big fan of mine. I was shocked that he came for my birthday at the club. People that attended did so out of love. This is not the first time this particular fan would give me a cash gift. In the past, he had sent n1m or n2m to my bank account. He is one of those silent billionair­es. He told me that he was born and raised in london. He simply walked up to me and whispered that he will be gifting me n10m. I did not argue with him or doubt him because I know he has investment­s overseas. “His name is Prince and I don’t ask him for favours. He told me not to announce it at the club but I was too excited to keep quiet about it. If anyone gives me anything, I thank them wholeheart­edly because I don’t believe I am entitled to it. even God loves a heart of gratitude. He has transferre­d the money to me. I got to know him through Instagram, when he sent me a message, introducin­g himself to me. Since then he has been very generous. I know that people have said a lot of things about the gift but I am not a fake person, and I’m not in the category of people that fake things online. I don’t even like to post my material possession­s online.” The actor also claimed that his brand of comedy had ‘healed’ and brought succour to some people. He added, “I know that I inspire and heal a lot of people with the kind of content/comedy I churn out on Instagram. Those funny things I do inspire a lot of people. about six years ago, a lady told me that since she got pregnant, her baby had never kicked. But, when she watched my comedy, her baby kicked for the first time. Another person told me that my comedy helped her mother that had been sick for a while. I just do these things; I don’t know the people that benefit from them positively. I have been in the entertainm­ent industry since 1999, so permit me to say that I am a living legend. In those days, one got roles because of one’s talent, not connection­s.”

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