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that. Imagine getting paid to do what I love? If this isn’t the dream, I don’t know what is.”

Sharing his thoughts on the recently concluded reunion show which featured all the former contestant­s, neo said, “It was a chance to correct some of the misconcept­ions about me and of course mend fences with some people I considered friends. But we all saw that some people came with premeditat­ed plans and vendetta to trend and chase clout. I hope they got what they wanted. I left the reunion in a good place with everyone I consider my friends and I am very grateful for that. I will always make them proud.”

neo, whose fans presented him a cash gift of n2m and a Mercedes Benz car on his 27th birthday, opined that the love he received made him the happiest person alive. He said, “Honestly, I felt something fishy was going on when my fans called ‘The neo Tribe’ invited me for a birthday dinner. I have been blessed so much since I left the house, but my greatest blessing is the fans I have. They had an inclinatio­n that my favourite car is Mercedes Benz and they bought one for me. I am a very grateful and humble person. Their love and gifts made me the happiest person alive. The future is bright, I know that for sure. I have several things I am working on and I look forward to sharing them with everyone. expect greatness and ground-breaking achievemen­ts because that’s all I drive myself towards every day. If I am given an opportunit­y to go into the house the second time, I won’t change anything I did because that was my reality.”

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