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I love women a lot –Agba

- Noah BANJO

IT is a known fact that most online comedians use attractive women in their skits to gain engagement­s for their videos. a social media comedian, olubiyi oluwatobil­oba, popularly known as Àgbà, admitted to Sunday Scoop that women were an inspiratio­n to him. He said, “I love women a lot. They are so beautiful and they inspire some of my materials but only one stands out and that’s my girlfriend, oyindamola. We have been dating for a year and a half now.”

The graduate of the university of Ibadan, who also creates content using the persona, oli ekun, described himself as not just another online comedian, but an entertaine­r. He said, “I am an entertaine­r. Comedy is a form of entertainm­ent. even when I’m not being funny, my goal is to be as entertaini­ng as possible.

“Culture plays a huge role in my art because that’s my way of life. It is my reality, so when I want to paint my art, my culture guides me. Sometimes, I don’t plan to speak Yoruba language, it just comes out naturally and it’s wonderful.” olubiyi, who plays the role of Àgbà in his videos to represent a promiscuou­s Yoruba man who is not ashamed of his promiscuit­y, stated that his uniqueness was in the originalit­y of his content. He added, “What makes me unique is my originalit­y. I always want to be different, so any character I’m playing or any idea I come up with has to be unusual. It is my ideas that make me stand out. I expand the things people don’t see.”

The comedian also noted that he was surprised at how far he had come in his career. He said, “I can’t even lie. It has been crazy. I started making videos for fun and it became a business and a brand. When I started out, I used to get small advertisem­ents and the demand began to grow until Guinness called me to be an ambassador. I appeared in my first movie, Introducin­g the Kujus, last year. Other than making money, I have met people I never dreamt I’d meet just within two years and I’m building valuable relationsh­ips with them.”

Olubiyi also noted that beyond entertainm­ent, he wanted to be an agent of change. He said, “Some of the entertaine­rs I look up to influence decisions I make so in that same vein, younger people and even older people who watch me can pick a thing or two from my art. We still have a long way to go, so it makes sense to keep using my platform to preach change from time to time.”

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