The Punch




•Whole fish (if using smaller fish) or cut in pieces

•Salt and seasoning to taste

•Pepper powder to taste

•Flour, cornmeal or semolina (Not required if using fish stew)

•Vegetable or canola oil, for frying


•If using frozen fish, start by thawing the fish for 24-48 hours (in the fridge) or about 12 hours at room temperatur­e.

•Line a tray or bowl with a paper towel and gently arrange the fish pieces on it. Sprinkle some salt on all sides (salt further helps with water extraction). Leave to rest for another hour


•Pour oil in a deep pot and place on medium-high heat. Heat until very hot. (or set deep fryer to 350F)

•Season prepared fish with salt, maggi and pepper, then set aside

•Mix flour, cornmeal or semolina with some salt and seasoning. Set aside

•Add fish to the flour mix, then toss well to coat. Remove fish and shake off any loose coating. Drop coated fish in hot oil and fry until golden. Repeat step until all the fish is fried.

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