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How have your exams you find last week’s next subject. Did preparing for your The Longman let’s talk about cheating. way in order helpful? This week, in a dishonest cheating as ‘behaving game, or Dictionary defines especially in a competitio­n, to win or get an advantage, and examinatio­n’. from others school involves copying of

Kids, cheating in forms is your work. Other pretending that it for asking your classmates cheating include meant hall when you are answers in the exam is an examinatio­n. There to focus on your is never prosper’. It old saying that, ‘Cheats we to believe this because sometimes hard seem to have done all know people who

But have they really? well by cheating. that even if no one I want you to know been cheating, you finds out that you’ve has respect for cheats will know. No one they comes a time when and there always “The little boy once said, are found out. A yourself”. things is to try for only way to learn others, why not try?

So, rather than cheat have girls at school and

Be good boys and

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Hello kids!

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