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Dear ma, I find it boring to read books. I want to go to school to end well in life but the strength to bury my head in books for long hours or even for a short time is what I don’t have. What can I do? Ayomide

you didn’t state whether you are a male or female and the class you are in. however, the most important thing is for you to study yourself to know what time of the day suits you to read. Make friends with studious people and be ready to join them whenever they gather to read. you have no problem as you think, only that you need people to encourage you to study hard. Things will improve in no time.

Dear ma, I am not sure that I want to date a man that has been disturbing me for an affair. He is a good man but his age is something that disturbs me. Besides, I just completed university education and need to be focussed for now at least to achieve something for myself before thinking of marriage. Chika

i don’t know your age or that of the man you said is pestering you. What i will tell you is that you should go where your love lies. Age really doesn’t matter much as it’s believed to be just a number. The most vital thing is to be sure that you love the person. Stay true to yourself and give your love to whoever you want. let me advise you that in the journey of finding love, you should also pray to God. you have been focussed to have completed university education. What you need to do is to take time to know the next step you want to take.

Dear ma, do you think I can be friends with smokers and not end up as one. All my friends smoke one substance of the other. Should I break away from them? Richard

you have to understand yourself and know what you want. you have friends who are smokers and you are not one. in no time, you would surely be introduced to whatever activities they engage in because you are the odd one among them. i advise you to retrace your steps and choose your friends wisely. you should know that in reality, you really do not need too many friends. Be concerned about how to add value to yourself and cut off from friends that may derail you.

Dear ma, tell me how to know a good lady to take as a wife. Kazeem

The qualities you seek in your kind of woman should be the qualities of a good lady. At least, you will have certain qualities which you desire in your wife-to-be. however, godliness, faithfulne­ss, meekness and sense of industry among others should be part of the qualities. The qualities shouldn’t however be for females only, males too are expected to possess the same. A lady also wants some sterling qualities in whoever she wants to call her man.

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