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Ibori political family’ll retain Delta governorsh­ip

- Matthew Ochei, Asaba

THe National Chairman of Delta Central for 2023, popularly known as DC-23, Chief Ighoyota Amori, has predicted victory for members of the Ibori political family in both the governorsh­ip and other elections come 2023.

Amori said this when he led members of the group on a courtesy visit to a prominent Ijaw leader, Chief Mike Loyibo, in Burutu Local Government Area, to solicit for the support of the Ijaw for the emergence of an Urhobo son as governor.

He said, “I have been in this politics since the beginning. I was the General Overseer of the Chief James Ibori political family. everyone that has become Governor after Chief James Ibori, Dr emmanuel Uduaghan and Dr Ifeanyi Okowa are my brothers from the same family.

“Ordinarily, I am not contesting for governor, so don’t misquote me. What we are after is how PDP will rule in Delta forever. We are not concern about what is happening in the centre. Our concern is Delta, how we can maintain the victory we secured in the state in 1999.

“We know that all the times, people from all over the state have always contested for the governorsh­ip position. But always, it is only the one favoured by divine interventi­on, based on the principle of zoning that always emerge.

“The governorsh­ip zoning has never been on ethnicity bases but on Senatorial bases. If you believe you can lay claim to it, the Isoko man is from the South, he can claim it too. The Ndokwa man can say it is Ika that went it should be our turn now.

“We are not here to stop you or here to force you, because it is your right, but we have come to appeal to you to allow us go and when it is your turn, we will support you and that time no Urhobo man will raise his head to contest.

“Remember also that nobody has disobeyed the zoning arrangemen­t and have ever succeeded. We tried it twice and failed, that’s why I am appealing to you to let this rotation flow.”

In his remark, Chief Loyibo –Amori said, “The DC-23 has a very valid argument. But the Ijaw governorsh­ip is rooted in every Ijaw man. There is only one Shepherd and the Governor is the current Shepherd of the PDP political family in Delta State.”

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