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Digging grave of education


John r. Jimoh, 4 olukoya Street, Ijebuode, ogun State: The spate of kidnapping­s going on everywhere in the North is evidently Boko Haram in action. It is Boko Haram bandits’ jihad. Boko Haram insurgents and their kinsmen disdain Western education and dub it as evil yet have chosen their weapons to steal, to kill and to destroy. That is what the devil does to humankind. They are empowered through payment of ransom of millions of naira. Boko Haram insurgents, turned bandits, are on the loose and the air is agog with wailing voices, and a blighting gloom is all over the land as innocent lives are cut down in their prime.

Paradox and contradict­ion shape their (Boko Haram) world. They have spread their tentacles to almost every state in Nigeria, with a blatant attempt to hide evil behind a fake jihad. These murderers, Boko Haram bandits, who are pretenders to the knowledge of God, have been given teeth by this regime. They have struck again! One hundred and forty students taken again with attendant loss of innocent live(s)! What a shame! When you talk about education in Nigeria, the northerner­s are believed to be lagging behind. However, in politics, they are unbeatable. Hear the southern politician­s: they want the presidency zoned to them in 2023 as if we are no more in a democracy. The selfish politician­s do not see anything wrong in giving the freedom fighters in the South the flames of gun powder and giving murderous and rampaging herdsmen teeth and arranging a soft landing for them to roam the southern forests to feed their cows. Let’s say it loud - No restructur­ing, No 2023!

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