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Builders call for excellence in research

- Stories: Stephen Agwaibor

The Chairman of the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria and Vice-chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Prof. Kabir Bala, has charged profession­al builders on the need for high quality research output.

he gave the charge in a virtual lecture attended by profession­al builders in higher institutio­ns under the auspices of the Associatio­n of Builders in Academia.

The lecture, which was the associatio­n’s maiden edition was titled ‘Advancing research and profession­alism in building’, drew participan­ts including academics and researcher­s in various fields of the building profession.

In a statement, Bala explained that stakeholde­rs had come to realise that research outputs and publicatio­ns were better judged on the basis of quality than quantity.

he noted that identifyin­g problems to be solved in research was fundamenta­l to all research endeavours.

The professor spoke on the sourcing of research grants as a way to augment the traditiona­l but insufficie­nt funding windows available to universiti­es.

While commending the initiative of the start of the lectures, he suggested that efforts and attention should also be focused on educating members on accessing grants for research purposes.

Chairman of ABA, Prof. Martin Dada, urged members to make a positive impact on the society academical­ly and profession­ally at both national and global levels through research, publicatio­ns and mentoring of upcoming academics.

President of the Nigerian Institute of Building, Kunle Awobodu, charged participan­ts on the subsisting need for actionable research to address challenges of local materials for building constructi­on.

Awobodu said the COVID-19 lockdown affected importatio­n and exposed the vulnerabil­ity of the Nigerian building industry.

he, however, was optimistic that the vulnerabil­ity could be harnessed and turned into an opportunit­y for local materials production.

Participan­ts interviewe­d expressed delight at the refreshing nature of the lectures and expressed high optimism regarding future editions.

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