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Abiodun orders contractor to complete road project in two weeks

- Stephen Agwaibor

tHe Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, has ordered the contractor handling the reconstruc­tion of the Oba erinwole Road in Sagamu, to complete the project in two weeks.

this was disclosed in a statement on thursday following the inspection of work on the four-kilometre road. the governor expressed his displeasur­e with the slow pace of work and urged the State Commission­er for Works, Ade Akinsanya, to ensure the job was completed in the next two weeks.

“I am not impressed with the speed of work on this road. I have directed that the job must be delivered in the next two weeks. the caves must be rehabilita­ted, streetligh­ts replaced and the road margin fixed,” he said.

He explained that the initial contract was to repair the failed section which was the lowest part of the road, adding that the need to repair the entire stretch of the road from the Sagamubeni­n expressway to Ikorodu

Junction was to ensure that the road was completely done.

Abiodun added, “this part of the town is one of the prime areas and the value of property as a result of the bad condition of the road had begun to depreciate and we decided to intervene particular­ly for the convenienc­e of our people living here and the socio-economic developmen­t of the town itself.”

He noted that though the

troad represents an important by-pass to the people of the town, some portions had become impassable and a nightmare to the residents which prompted the government’s interventi­on to save the people and the state from untold hardship.

the project, according to the governor, is in line with his administra­tion’s transforma­tion and infrastruc­tural developmen­t going on across the state, emphasisin­g that Sagamu as one of the major towns in the state would also benefit.

He disclosed that similar projects were ongoing simultaneo­usly in 18 local government areas of Ogun.

“We are also doing similar projects in 18 local government areas of the state. this is not an exception; it has become a norm that characteri­ses the ‘Building our Future together’ agenda of our administra­tion,” Abiodun said.

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