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Violent scenes as ticketless england fans breach Wembley


A“small number” of fans were able to force their way into Wembley Stadium for the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, London police said, amid scenes of violent disorder in the British capital ahead of the historic game.

“Earlier this afternoon there was a breach of security at Wembley Stadium, which resulted in a small number of people getting into the stadium without a ticket,” the Metropolit­an Police said.

“Officers worked closely with security officials to prevent any further breaches.

“We will also support action by Wembley Stadium officials to identify those without tickets and eject them.”

A Wembley spokespers­on added stadium stewards and security were working to remove the intruders.

“Anyone inside the stadium without a ticket will be instantly ejected,” the spokespers­on said.

Security staff were seen “rugby tackling people to the ground” inside the venue, a witness told Britain’s domestic Press Associatio­n news agency.

At one point during the first half around 300 people were trying to get through, the witness reported to PA, with some supporters’ tickets checked at half-time.

Meanwhile, footage posted to social media appeared to show scenes of violence on concourses within the stadium.

In one video lasting nearly a minute and a half, a large throng of men can be seen fighting – throwing punches and kicks, some targeting people lying on the ground – as just a couple of stewards attempt to intervene.

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