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Nigerian activist arrested for protesting Benin Republic’s encroachme­nt released

- Daud Olatunji,abeokuta

NIGERIAN activist, Kunle Garb,who was arrested and prosecuted by Benin Republic, has been released.

Garb, in a statement he personally signed on Wednesday, said he was released on Tuesday from the Porto-novo Prison.

He, however, said he had no regrets over his unlawful arrest and detention by Benin Republic police officers .

Recall that Garb was arrested at Igbokofi market in Yewanorth Local Government Area of Ogun State about three weeks ago.

He said arrested by Benin Republic policemen for resisting their encroachme­nt on the Nigeria land through Igbokofi village.

In his statement, Garb described his arrest and prosecutio­n as unlawful, saying he passed through hell in the Benin Republic Prisons.

He urged the government to take the issue of encroachme­nt seriously and attend to the needs of the people of Igbokofi.

The statement read partly, “I was released on Tuesday. 13th of July, 2021 from Porto-novo Prison around 8.15pm.

“My fellow country men and women, fellow compatriot­s, I have no regrets passing through all I went through in the hands of Benin Republic government for Nigeriaif these are speedily executed for Igbokofi people:

“Making Ijoun-igbokofi road motorable, ensuring the returning of the pillars removed by Benin Rep and replanted to favour their country, instructin­g all security agencies of Nigeria to have their post in Igbokofi, especially the police.

“Without doing the above, my unlawful arrest and detention will be a waste and I’ll see it as a punishment in vain.”

His wife in message to our correspond­ent hailed the return of her husband.

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