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Expert advocates cheaper COVID-19 tests

- Friday Olokor, Abuja

AUnited States-based medical expert, Robert Udeagha, has advocated a cheaper COVID-19 to increase testing capacities in Nigeria.

Udeagha promised to crash the current price of COVID-19 test which is N49,000 to less than N5,000.

According to him, the decision became necessary for all Nigerians to have access to the test kits of Coronaviru­s.

Udeagha who is Chairman BUNDI Internatio­nal Diagnostic­s Limited stated this during a press briefing in Abuja where, he said, he achieved a similar goal by beating down the cost of HIV test kits through a partnershi­p with the Federal Government.

“We have seen and experience­d the financial burden placed on many Nigerians, especially those traveling outside of the country and those returning home due to the high cost of taking COVID-19 test which is available in many parts of the world free of charge. How many average Nigerians can walk up to a store and pay N49,000, except they are travelling? We want to crash this price as low as below N5,000.

“In our quest to find solutions to this global pandemic and the rate of devastatio­n that it has brought to the entire world, our team of researcher­s have gone into active partnershi­p with an American company and have come up with a device that provides continuous and proactive surface and air disinfecti­on for all indoor spaces.

“This device has been tested and proven to purify surfaces and protect it from harmful gases/smoke, pathogens, odour and volatile organic compounds, including the SARS-COV-2 Virus,” he said.

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