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Travel experts collaborat­e on improved services

- Kariola Mustapha

experts in the travel industry have come together to form a platform, called ‘Travel HUB’, in a bid to improve their services.

They said on Tuesday that this would take travel agencies off the streets into physical and virtual offices with credible location details and identity.

This was revealed in a statement made available to our correspond­ent by the Media Consultant to Travel HUB, Frank Meke.

it said, “Travel HUB is a collaborat­ive travel agency platform that provides physical and virtual office spaces/ facilities to upcoming and credible agencies at no cost.

“The hub aggregates the collaborat­ive purchases of airline tickets and other related travel products, and coordinate­s the profession­al conduct of members for regulatory compliance.”

According to the statement, the hub also supports members in times of need through a credibly establishe­d cooperativ­e society and access to HMO.

it said the idea behind the hub was to get rid of faceless briefcase agents in the industry, adding that many unsuspecti­ng travellers had fallen victims to the agents.

it added that the hub was also intended to redeem the credibilit­y of genuine and profession­al travel practition­ers battered by frequent reports of high incidences of fraud in the industry.

“Unknown to the travelling public, many of us credible travel agencies are heavily invested in training, capital, and capacity and do not deserve the negative perception we get,” said Yinka Folami, the chief executive officer of Travel & Logistics Centre Limited and a member of Travel HUB.

The statement quoted Mr Dayo Adeola, Board of Trustees chairman of the national Associatio­n of nigeria Travel Agencies, as saying, “The idea is not entirely new, but that the unique point is that Travel HUB is more focussed on the strength and growth of the upcoming agents referred to in the industry as sub-agents.

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