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Senators who voted against electronic transmissi­on of election results


Against the general clamour for a lasting solution to the myriad of electoral problems facing the country, 50 members of the All Progressiv­es Congress in the Senate and two of their counterpar­ts in the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party, on Thursday voted against electronic transmissi­on of election results in the forthcomin­g general elections. Notwithsta­nding the constituti­onally guaranteed independen­ce of the electoral body, the senators insisted that the Independen­t National Electoral Commission should be compelled to seek clearance from the Nigerian Communicat­ions Commission, while the heavily politicise­d National Assembly would have to approve the verdict of the NCC, which is a department under the presidency. SUNDAY ABORISADE presents the senators who kicked against the desire of Nigerians to have results of future elections transmitte­d electronic­ally

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