- Onah Nwachukwu @onahluciaa

I've often admired how an actor steps in front of the camera and suddenly gets in character, then when (s)he hears ‘cut!' they are back to being themselves. Even more so, how do they kiss co-stars and not end up in a torrid love affair with them? I would like to imagine that it's like any other job where you have to be profession­al and respectful to your colleague.

Both our cover personalit­ies this week, have had to be in intimate scenes and they have their tricks for performing flawlessly.

Daniel Etim Effiong, couldn't have said it better. He explains it this way: “I think it comes with the job. I mean you can't possibly fall in love with everyone you act in romance movies with... On set, you become this character who is totally in love with this person, but when you hear “cut!” you are able to put that in a compartmen­t and lock it up till the next time you are ready to bring him out again. It is a lot of mind work that actors have learned to use to develop.”

For Nancy Isime, to fully relate to a character, there has to be a little bit of you in there. This helped her to fully transform into the character, Queen; a happy, forgiving, girl who she plays in her last movie, Superstar. Both interviews make for a really interestin­g read. Also in this week's issue, we have our usual exciting content. For instance, Pantone has just announced the beauty colour of the year to be Very Peri, and our beauty page shows you how to pull off this colour with your makeup. Check out the fashion page for interestin­g trends every man should try this year, and don't miss the movie review page -this week, we review The 355 and Ozark.

In a week, we will be celebratin­g the day of love, and so we have a piece about dating in the city of Lagos. It makes for quite an interestin­g read. Does the size of his shoes really tell us what ‘his size' is? And if it does, how important is it in the scheme of things? Read all about this on page 7.

Until next week, enjoy your read.

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