The truth is peo­ple are con­stantly judg­ing you by your clothes ei­ther un­con­sciously or consciously. Many of us have made quick as­sess­ments about some­one based on what clothes they were wear­ing at dif­fer­ent points in time. The way you look says a lot about you and how you feel about your­self. Some in­di­vid­u­als might not think about what they wear and how it’s all put to­gether be­cause they feel it’s not that im­por­tant or be­cause they don’t have the time. The point is, it does mat­ter be­cause the way you look is a form of self ex­pres­sion that also im­pacts how peo­ple see or treat you. Your style speaks for you with­out you say­ing a word. What lan­guage are your clothes speak­ing?

If what we wore and how it’s all put to­gether didn’t mat­ter, then why does the bank­ing in­dus­try have a rec­om­mended stan­dard of dress­ing for the bankers? Why do the fast food restau­rants care about the way their staff look, or even the air­line hostesses’ care about main­tain­ing uni­for­mity with the way they look? The truth is what we wear mat­ters and I am not say­ing it has to be high end de­sign­ers; you don’t want to be a slave to trends ei­ther. It’s im­por­tant to find and wear pieces that show your per­son­al­ity. Since ev­ery­one’s fi­nances are all dif­fer­ent, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look fan­tas­tic. Al­ways re­main true to your­self while in­cor­po­rat­ing what’s in style to suit you as an in­di­vid­ual with­out los­ing your own sense of style with con­fi­dence. The next time you think what you are wear­ing doesn’t mat­ter, think again. The two styles fea­tured give a great vis­ual of how what we wear and how we wear it mat­ters. What lan­guage are the im­ages in the pic­tures say­ing to you?

Aramide is a fash­ion stylist and de­signer. She is the owner of “AramidesCloset” that caters to reg­u­lar and plus size women, cus­tom­ized clutch bags and jew­elry ac­ces­sories. She also vol­un­teers as a men­tor for fos­ter kids. If you have any fash­ion re­lated ques­tions, you can reach her on In­sta­gram “AramidesCloset”. Fash­ion­ably yours; Aramide- “Now You Look Good”

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