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“Your diet is a bank ac­count. Good food choices are good in­vest­ments.”- Bethenny Frankel

The myr­iad of life­style re­lated dis­eases is mak­ing us pay more at­ten­tion to the way we eat, what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat. We con­sciously make in­formed choices when mak­ing our pur­chases and rak­ing off those items into our trol­leys from the su­per­mar­ket shelves. The amount of time we spend read­ing la­bels, know­ing which in­gre­di­ents to avoid and the sheer amount of in­for­ma­tion can be akin to Nutri­tion 101 course!

If you are like me, you are prob­a­bly spend­ing more time at the su­per­mar­ket read­ing food la­bels and nu­tri­tional facts on that can or plas­tic con­tainer you are hold­ing, than the time you al­lot­ted for you en­tire gro­cery shop­ping. The prints are more of­ten than not, so tiny I usu­ally need to bring out my read­ing glasses per­ad­ven­ture there are some hid­den con­tents I have since de­cided I no longer want to in­gest.

A wise wo­man has since ad­vised me that I should be in the mar­ket (not su­per­mar­ket) where I will not re­quire my read­ing glasses, shop­ping for fresh or­ganic pro­duce –veg­eta­bles, fruits (not im­ported or coated with some white film), chicken, seeds, spices, goat meat, etc.

We should eat more fresh, green, or­ganic and as close to na­ture as much as pos­si­ble.

Re­al­ity is, we are not eat­ing 100% or­ganic and fresh any­more like our grand­par­ents. Most foods we are buy­ing off the shelf have preser­va­tives, are chem­i­cal laden, loaded with toxic chem­i­cals, and prob­a­bly stripped of nu­tri­tional value, mak­ing them poi­sonous and toxic to the sys­tem.

Quick check list of what we have been ad­vised to look out for and avoid when read­ing food la­bels:

Any­thing you can­not pro­nounce –A school of thought be­lieves that if you can­not pro­nounce the word, do not buy be­cause it is a chem­i­cal!

Monosodium Glu­ta­mate (MSG) – MSG causes all types of phys­i­cal and med­i­cal prob­lems. It in­creases ap­petite and it can lead to weight gain.

As­par­tame – Stim­u­lates ap­petite, causes de­pres­sion, leads to all types of med­i­cal con­di­tions in­clud­ing PMS and mi­graine.

High Fruc­tose Corn Syrup –This is very fat­ten­ing. Chem­i­cally and phys­i­cally ad­dict­ing.

Hy­dro­genated Oil or Par­tially Hy­dro­genated Oil –This is trans­fat. It is fat­ten­ing. Can cause heart dis­ease.

Ar­ti­fi­cial Color Sugar, Fruc­tose, Dex­trose, Su­crose –Chem­i­cally made sweet­en­ers. Can be ad­dic­tive. Avoid at all cost.

Su­cralose- Ar­ti­fi­cial Sweet­ner –In­creases ap­petite, symp­toms like mi­graine, PMS, al­ler­gies, de­pres­sion. Fat­ten­ing.

Re­mem­ber to make good in­vest­ments in your bank ac­count! Have a great week in­ter­pret­ing your food la­bels cor­rectly and mak­ing bet­ter food choices.

I wish you Op­ti­mum Health and Well-Be­ing!!!

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