A well dressed, at­trac­tive, and groomed gen­tle­man is of­ten re­ferred to as GQ. When a man takes his time to groom him­self it speaks a lot about how he feels about him­self. Nev­er­the­less, the GQ look is not lim­ited to English clothes alone; this is ap­pli­ca­ble to any style of cloth­ing. You have heard of so many wardrobe es­sen­tials that are rec­om­mended or com­monly re­ferred to as must haves, the blazer is one of those pieces.

A blazer is a great cloth­ing item and a ne­ces­sity to have to help keep your style on point. Whether you al­ready have your wardrobe col­lec­tion, tweak a few things or need to com­pletely re­vamp your wardrobe here are a few styling tips on how the blaz­ers can be worn. Blaz­ers come in dif­fer­ent styles and can be worn in sev­eral dif­fer­ent ways to ei­ther a for­mal or ca­sual event. When pur­chas­ing a blazer, pay at­ten­tion to the fit, colour and style op­tions. Like many suit jack­ets, the blaz­ers are ei­ther 2-but­toned or dou­ble breasted. STYLING TIPS For­mal: if the blazer will be worn for a for­mal event, gray and navy are great color op­tions to choose. Con­sider se­lect­ing a blazer with a pat­terned or vi­brant color.

Shirts: But­ton up dress shirts give a classy look while ca­sual shorts give a more re­laxed look. When pair­ing this with a dress shirt, you can also add a sleeve­less V-neck sweater with or with­out a tie. Adding the sweater gives it a more ver­sa­tile so­phis­ti­cated look.

Polo Shirts: When go­ing for a softer look that isn’t for­mal but still dressy, this is a great al­ter­na­tive. Some in­di­vid­u­als pre­fer to but­ton up the polo shirts while some don’t; it’s a mat­ter of per­sonal pref­er­ence.

T shirts: Pair­ing a t shirt and a blazer gives a sporty, edgy look; how­ever, wear­ing a V-neck is highly rec­om­mended be­cause it gives a sleeker look with the blazer. Some in­di­vid­u­als choose to go with the round neck t-shirt which is okay too.

Bot­toms: There are sev­eral styles, cut and de­signs of pants these days. When go­ing for a ca­sual look you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans. The di­verse denim styles make it a lot eas­ier in se­lect­ing which op­tions to go with de­pend­ing on which fit is pre­ferred. Since blaz­ers don’t come paired to­gether with dress pants like a suit, so khakis or dress pants are ap­pro­pri­ate. If the blazer is pat­terned, a plain pair of pants is highly rec­om­mended. How­ever, if the blazer is plain, pat­terned bot­toms would go well with it.

I think ev­ery gen­tle­man should own at least a blazer or two. Whether you choose a fit­ted, clas­sic, or over­sized blazer style; it’s your de­ci­sion. Blaz­ers work well with dif­fer­ent op­tions while main­tain­ing a preppy and classy look so don’t be afraid to be cre­ative.

Aramide is a fash­ion stylist and de­signer. She is the owner of “AramidesCloset” that caters to reg­u­lar and plus size women cloth­ing, cus­tom­ized de­signer clutch bags and cos­tume jew­elry ac­ces­sories. The “Aramide” men’s col­lec­tion will be launched in late 2018. She also vol­un­teers as a men­tor for foster kids. If you have any fash­ion re­lated ques­tions or would love to know more about her, you can reach her on

In­sta­gram “AramidesCloset”.

Fash­ion­ably yours; Aramide- “Now You Look Good”


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