What In­spired this Col­lec­tion?

It’s in­spired by the African cul­tures, it’s a mélange of the three dif­fer­ent wa­zo­bia cul­ture in Nige­ria that is the Igbo Sym­bols, the Aso Oke Ma­te­ri­als from the Yorubas and a little bit of north­ern Nige­rian Fu­lani tribe cuts. What are your thoughts so far about the AFE thus far?

I’m glad they are back and I’m happy they pro­vid­ing such a won­der­ful plat­form for the de­sign­ers from all over Africa to show­case their col­lec­tion. I’m re­ally happy, proud of the plat­form and hope it grows big­ger and bet­ter ev­ery year. Tell me what some­thing dif­fer­ent you will like to see hap­pen at the next show?

As you know AFW al­ways comes with a BANG! So I’m hop­ing next time it comes with a big­ger BANG!! What do you want peo­ple to think and feel about your col­lec­tion when they see it?

This col­lec­tion is for the woman who wants some­thing dif­fer­ent in her wardrobe, some­thing un­usual. So when you see this col­lec­tion you will def­i­nitely want some­thing to suit what­ever oc­ca­sion you have in mind. Work wears, day­wear, evening dresses etc. It’s an eclec­tic mix of day and evening­wears.

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