As a fash­ion phot­g­ra­pher what are your thoughts on the clothes dis­played on the runway in the last three days?

I think it’s amaz­ing; it’s the va­ri­ety that re­ally im­presses me. I have seen dif­fer­ent styles from peo­ple even though there is a bit of sim­i­lar­ity with fab­ric and style but it’s the va­ri­ety and the way its been used that I love. For some­one who goes all over Africa shoot­ing runway fash­ion, what are your thoughts in com­par­i­son to other fash­ion weeks?

I think it’s a good op­por­tu­nity for de­sign­ers, peo­ple from all over Africa who cater for dif­fer­ent au­di­ences. Pretty im­pres­sive. What will you like to see change or hap­pen in fu­ture?

I think the only thing I can fault about this show is not start­ing on time which I know is a great chal­lenge over here be­cause of un­fore­seen cir­cum­stances due to no fault of any­one. Start­ing ear­lier next time will be great for com­ing shows to come in fu­ture.

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