the day might have been beau­ti­ful with so many long-last­ing mem­o­ries. some­thing you are bound to trea­sure for your whole life un­til the time comes when you have to play the role your mother played with you when your own daugh­ter is now get­ting mar­ried. But what hap­pened to that per­fectly tai­lored, white or cham­pagne beau­ti­ful gown that made you the cyno­sure of all eyes? af­ter so much ef­fort put into it, has it just re­mained in the stor­age never to reap­pear again which is the sit­u­a­tion in so many cases. For some­thing so trea­sured and so lov­ingly and painstak­ingly de­signed and se­lected... it de­serves an af­ter­life which is why we came up with five so­lu­tions on what to do with your wed­ding dress af­ter the wed­ding!

1. CONSIGN Chances are your dream gown cost a pretty penny. the eas­i­est way to re­coup some of that in­vest­ment is by con­sign­ing it. if there is no busi­ness like that at the mo­ment, then this is the time to cre­ate one of such. Pro­fes­sion­ally dry cleaned wed­ding gowns should be rented out to those who can­not af­ford the dress of their dreams. Be­sides hav­ing been worn just once, the gar­ment is as good as new and can re­main so of it is prop­erly dry cleaned af­ter each wear. this will cost a frac­tion of the price of buy­ing a brand new dress.

2. DO­NATE spread some of the love from your big day and do­nate your gown to char­ity or some­one who needs it. if it is never go­ing to see the light of day in your wardrobe again, why not put it to good use by bless­ing some­one else with it as a to­ken of love.

3. REMODEL de­pend­ing on the style and cut of your dress, con­sider tak­ing it to a tai­lor or seam­stress to have it remodeled into a su­per stylish evening gown. Chop off the train, bring it to knee length, lose the sleeves and maybe even dye it. some brides have also used their bridal trains to make chris­ten­ing gowns for their ba­bies. God knows you have enough yardage to make at least one or two lace blouses as well. your wed­ding dress could also be re­vamped into a hot cock­tail num­ber de­pend­ing on the skill of the de­signer mak­ing the changes.

4. PRE­SERVE the emo­tional at­tach­ment to wed­ding dresses some­times makes it dif­fi­cult to fol­low the afore­men­tioned sug­ges­tions. Clean­ing and care­fully box­ing your wed­ding dress means you can look at it and re­mem­ber when your love was new. every now and again, you bring it out and savour the mem­o­ries...al­though these vis­its might de­crease over the years. But most moth­ers still de­rive so much joy from show­ing their daugh­ters their own wed­ding dresses and se­cretly hope that one day, they can pass it on or at least get it read­justed to suit the modern times so it can be worn again or used one way or the other by their daugh­ters for purely sen­ti­men­tal rea­sons. ei­ther way, if the dress still main­tains a spe­cial place in your heart, en­sure the dry clean­ers care­fully clean, press and pack your dress up for you.

5. GET IN­NO­VA­TIVE Put that long train to good use and use the fab­ric to make pretty satin or lace throw pil­lows. Pull off rhine­stone and lace em­bel­lish­ments for head­bands, neck­laces and broaches. Google is your friend and we are sure they are bound to be lor­ry­load of ideas and con­cepts to come up with!

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