A party in Nige­ria is not com­plete with­out fried rice and its sis­ter dish, Jollof rice. Fried rice is a very pop­u­lar dish round the world and the way it is pre­pared varies from coun­try to coun­try. Fried rice is ba­si­cally a dish of rice mixed with veg­eta­bles and any pro­tein of your choice with the pop­u­lar choice be­ing cow liver, shrimps/prawns, chicken or eggs. It is how­ever not un­com­mon to find a com­bi­na­tion of one or two pro­teins mixed in a fried rice recipe. Fried rice can be eaten on its own but here in Nige­ria, it is usu­ally com­bined with fried chicken and salad. To­day I will be show­ing you how to make the Nige­rian fried rice with shrimps. Serv­ings: 4-6 Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 35 mins Dif­fi­culty: Easy


1. 3 cups - Bas­mati rice; 2. 350g small -medium size

prawns (de­veined); 3. 1 cup diced green pep­per; 4. 1 cup diced car­rot; 5. 1 cup chopped run­ner

beans; 6. ½ cup green peas; 7. 1 cup sweet­corn; 8. 2 medium size onions; 9. 2 cloves gar­lic (minced); 10. 1 ta­ble­spoon grated

ginger; 11. 3 bay leaves; 12. 3 sea­son­ing cubes; 13. Salt; 14.4 ta­ble­spoons veg­etable

oil; 15.2 tea­spoons ground white

pep­per; 16. 2 tea­spoons Thyme; 17. 2-3 tea­spoons Curry; 18. ½ - 1 tea­spoon fish

sea­son­ing; 19. 1 ½ ta­ble­spoon soy sauce; 20. 1 cup chopped spring

onions; and 21. 3- 4 cups Chicken stock or



1. Add the Chicken stock or wa­ter or a com­bi­na­tion of both to a clean pot and place on medium heat. 2. Add curry pow­der, thyme, white pep­per, sea­son­ing cubes, bay leaf, salt, onions to the liq­uid and cover to boil. 3. Wash rice in room tem­per­a­ture wa­ter till clear and pour into the pot of boil­ing liq­uid. The liq­uid should just slightly be above the rice level. Cover and cook till rice is ten­der (the rice should not be too soft). 4. While rice is cook­ing, add the fish sea­son­ing to the prawns and set aside. 5. Get a sauce pan and add one ta­ble­spoon of veg­etable oil. When hot, add the prawns and cook till it turns pink. Re­move from pan and set aside. 6. Re­turn pan to medium heat and add the re­main­ing 3 ta­ble­spoons of veg­etable oil. When hot enough, add the onions, minced gar­lic and grated ginger. 7. Add the run­ner beans and green peas. Af­ter about 90 se­conds, add the car­rots. Then add the green pep­per and sweet corn. Sea­son with some stock cubes(s) and soy sauce. Re­turn the prawns back to the pan, stir and re­move from heat. This step should be done quickly to en­sure that the veg­eta­bles still re­tain their crunch. 8. Put an empty pan on medium heat, put some of the cooked rice into the pan, add some of the stir fried veg­eta­bles and some spring onions and mix well. Taste and ad­just sea­son­ing. Re­peat this step till all the rice is well com­bined with the veg­eta­bles. 9. Serve im­me­di­ately.

Ify Mogekwu is a Le­gal Prac­ti­tioner by day and a multi ta­lented Chef liv­ing in La­gos, Nige­ria. She is the founder of Ifys Kitchen, an on­line page across var­i­ous so­cial me­dia plat­forms where she shares her var­i­ous amaz­ing recipes with her fans. Due to...

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